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February, 2004:

It's the weekend…

And I’m feeling rough. Woke up with a bad cold and have been sneezing all day. I owe a few people emails and am afraid that they won’t be hearing from me until tomorrow. I feel that crappy.

Tried about three times over several hours to get the beginning of a Glampyre Top Down Raglan Cardi right. My first attempts were twisted until now. I’ve got Monday off as I’m planning to stay up and watch the Oscars on Sunday. It’ll be interesting to see how much I can get done on the cardi by then. On Thursday we’re going to London for a long weekend and I’ll have to have a new project ready to work on during the train down. That won’t be difficult at all! 🙂

I’d also like to think that my Koigu Broadstreet Mittens might be finished by then. At the moment I’m just about to pick up stitches on the mitten part of the first glove.

My Art Fibers order arrived today and the yarns are wonderful! I’ve got enough for two very interesting scarves. Their yarns are spectacular and very unusual.


Damn it! I just wrote a post and then accidentally closed the window! Haven’t got time to write any more so details on the construction of “Tiny”, our trip to Bristol to have lunch with Hetty and Andrew and the various knitting projects will have to wait. 🙁

Another Friday

It feels as though the week has just flown by but it’s been a stressful week workwise.

In the craft department the Corgi awaits to be stuffed! No longer headless and with his chin now sewn on properly, don’t ask!, he still looks very cute. Andy has named him “Tiny” after the only other Corgi he knew who belonged to his grandparents. Tiny was a female Corgi and would tell Andy’s Grandmother when her favourite soap opera, Coronation Street, was on by howling to her.

The Trekking socks are almost finished! I’m in the middle of the ribbing on the second sock. I plan to wear them on Monday with the shirt that they coordinate with. My next sock project will be the gift socks for my friend Anne. I need to finish them before March 4th. She doesn’t read this blog so I can freely mention them here. She’s, sadly, not a fan of the internet.

And finally I decided to take one of those quizes that everyone seems to be taking. The result is scarily true, well as if I’d deny being fun!, except that most of the time I do show up! 🙂

You are interchangeable.
Fun, free, and into everything, you’ve got every
eventuality covered and every opportunity just
has to be taken. Every fiber is wonderful, and
every day is a new beginning. You are good at
so many things, it’s amazing, but you can
easily lose your place and forget to show up.
They have row counters for people like you!

What kind of knitting needles are you?
brought to you by Quizilla


Yes the Corgi is still headless but his body is almost finished. I’m taking my time over his construction because the instructions are very poor. I’ve had to unpick quite a few mistakes.

An order from The Knitting Garden arrived this morning – Rebecca #26, a Fiber Trends Winter in the City pattern and some Clover Chibi darning needles. The needles look very cool and have a curbed point. I think they’ll be very good for seaming.

Soft toys

Since Andy’s Valentine’s gift hadn’t arrived in time I said that I would assemble the soft toy Corgi kit I’d given to him as one of his Christmas presents. His gradparents used to breed corgis so he likes them a lot. I started it last night after we came home from our meal at the Japanese noodle bar. The instructions aren’t the clearest and I ended up having the ears on twice after I made a mistake. I’d also forgotten how difficult it is to sew fur fabrics especially when they’re in such small pieces.

Today I finished his head and started on his body.


Now it’s certainly not the best stitching effort ever. As you can see one of his ears is bigger than the other and he’s slightly cock eyed! But he’s still cute! 🙂

Tomorrow I’ll finish the sewing and we may even get around to stuffing him.

Haven’t done a great deal of knitting today, did a bit on the second Trekking sock and plan on making a little headway on the multi yarn scarf before bed.

Tonight we saw Something’s Gotta Give starring Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton. For my review head over to The Film Review Blog.

Happy Valentines Day!

Yes, it’s a commercial concept but Andy and I are old romantics! 🙂


Andy’s is the hearts one – which was screenprinted in Buffalo, NY. Mine is the one with two cats and, although you can’t see it, says “Perfect Partners”. When the card is closed you can see two sparkly pom poms in the cutouts.

Andy’s present hasn’t yet arrived from 🙁 But this is what he got me


Yes, I’m 31 years old but I still like Wonder Woman! I loved the Lynda Carter series as a kid, although looking back it’s a bit campy, and I still collect the comic book.

Here’s another view of her


She will join my collection of various action figures, statues, etc. It’s not a serious collection because I don’t like to keep things preserved in boxes, but one of my favorite items is a book mark that says “Reading is strength”.

And although it’s still chilly outside this glamour puss is showing herself off in the kitchen.


This is the third Amaryllis I’ve owned and they can last a good few years if you take care of them. I’m not always that good at remembering. My garden is mostly perrenials because they can take care of themselves, houseplants don’t always fare too well with me!

And upstairs is another Glamour Puss!


Jake in one of his favourite places, the tatty, scratched up basket outside the bedroom. I got this basket from a woman I used to work with some years ago. She’d bought it for her cat who had turned her nose up at it. I was rather surprised when our cats actually liked it and used it. As I wrote before it is tatty looking now because they’ve been sleeping in it for years but they like it. The pic is a bit bright but it is representative of just how white Jake’s fur is!

Art Fibers order – the yarn I ordered is actually for two scarves. One will be made from the lovely Oz the other from Cartier and Nemo. Inspired by Becky and Nora’s scarves from combining various yarns I’ve started a new scarf in some Anny Blatt Angora Super in Black, Mutine from Bouton d’Or in Prune and a coordinating unnamed wine coloured chenille that I bought on a cone during my trip to Undy Yarns some time ago. They’ve all been sitting unused in my stash for at least a year, the Mutine and chenille for longer, so it’s a good stash busting project. I’m knitting it in a drop stitch pattern since Becky’s looked so delicious! And the Angora Super is just amazing! It feels so soft and wonderful!

Yarns and good news!

I heard via Danielle’s blog that ArtFibers in San Francisco had put one of their yarns – Chaucer – on Sale. So I decided to take advantage of the low dollar and order some yarn for a fluffy angora scarf! Of course after looking at the yarn goodies on the site I opted for yarn which wasn’t on sale!

I’ve ordered two balls of Oz in Harvest and a ball of Cartier in Camelot to be combined with two balls of Nemo in a co-ordinating colour to make a scarf. I’ve asked them to pick out a co-ordinating colour in either reddish shades or green. I couldn’t tell clearly from the pictures on the website which would co-ordinate best.

I’m also hoping to have a bit of Gypsy to try – they offer a 5 yard sample service but only in the USA. I think they should be able to just pop it in my order though. I like the idea of a sweater in it but wonder how well it would wear. I visit the shop during our annual pilgrimages… sorry…holidays to San Francisco and always buy a sweaters worth of yarn! They sell some amazing yarns which aren’t available elsewhere. Some think they’re expensive but I really like the unusualness of their yarns.

Andy update – Andy checked again with the bank and it turns out that if you don’t take your money from the cashpoint within 30 seconds of it being dispensed the machine takes it back. So Andy didn’t loose his money after all! Excellent!

Cats and Yarn…

We visited Hetty and Andrew tonight in their new house. It was lovely to see their belongings spread out rather than being crampted in their old place. The cats seemed very happy and I got the lovely Tenzin to come over to me when I waggled my hand. The always regal Tomas received us in his throne room aka Hetty and Andrew’s bedroom. His throne is their bed and he didn’t move from it the whole time we were there!

While at Hetty and Andrew’s we discussed Hetty’s blog and it’s content. Hetty writes quite a lot about her personal life and about Andrew’s movements, sounds he may make when his laptop is crashing ect. So much in fact that I knew what Hetty had had for lunch and dinner on Friday! I don’t think that I reveal a great deal over here so I will share a story about Andy.

It’s rather an unfortunate story actually because today Andy went to a cash machine to withdraw £50. Ten minutes after he had left the bank he realised that he had left the £50 there! He rushed back but someone had taken it! He’s going to be 40 later this year and puts it down to a “senior moment”! 🙂 I maintain that it wouldn’t have happened to me because I’m a bit paranoid about making sure that the machine gives me back my card, money, receipt etc. Poor Andy, he’s £50 lighter today. BTW I did ask Andy before I shared this story with you all…

Oh and Heather, I started writing the last entry in draft form on the 4th but posted it over the weekend.

Becky asked what I was going to do with the Colinette yarn I ordered. I keep changing my mind about it really. I am thinking of felting some of the Skye Jamboree, I think that would make wonderful Fuzzy Feet! The Point Five in the same colourway is for a thin garter stitch scarf, while some of the toucan will be either a beret or Bucket Hat or fingerless gloves. I still haven’t decided!

So much yarn, so little time. And today my Hand Paint Heaven January sale order arrived. I ordered two grab bags in jewel colours – one plant, one animal. Inside the bags were two skeins of Melange, one skein of Boucle Lace, one skein of Baby Loop and a skein of Supersock. The twist in the Supersock isn’t quite right, hence it being in the grab bag, but it would make some nice gloves or a beret. I’m not really sure what to do with the Baby Loop or the Boucle Lace, I’m not a shawl person. Hmm any suggestions aside from scarves? Or perhaps a lace scarf?

Always swatch first!

On Saturday I decided to knit the Elsie hat from Rowan’s Cork pattern book. Cork knits up quite fast on size 8mm needles so it was finished on Sunday evening. I tried it on and thought that it looked ok and then someone, who shall rename nameless, decided to put it on and stretched it! When I tried it back on it was too loose and didn’t fit right. I was really pissed off. I thought that blocking might help so I gently washed it in Woolite and left it to dry. Tried it on today and it’s huge, it doesn’t fit me at all. 🙁 This just proves that not only should you swatch but you should also wash your swatch to see if the fabric changes.

I still have nine balls of Cork in the same dyelot, it’s a purple of course!, which are destined to become a cardi. If I find that the nine balls aren’t enough, although they should be, then I will frog the hat.

The Elsie hat is sort of beret like. I have a few beret patterns and will try and make one from some other yarns in my stash.

This time last year we went to Paris for a few days. I ordered an Anny Blatt pattern book in January so that if I liked any of the designs in it I could pick up the yarn in Paris. I waited and it never arrived. I forgot about it until last week when I decided to clean up some of my email folders and found the confirmation of order email. I wrote back to them asking where my magazine was and they confirmed that although I’d paid for it it had never been despatched. They apologised and sent it out last week and it arrived today.

I quite like this. It’s not very clear in the picture but the sweater has a furry trim around the neck and bell sleeves. I don’t like the top that you’re supposed to slipover it though. I’d just keep the sweater plain and simple. It uses a yarn called Rustique that knits on size 6mm needles. The tension is 20 rows of 16 stitches produces 4″ in stocking stitch.

For the moment I’m planning a top down cardigan in the rest of the Rowan Cork and Round Trip cardigan from the fall 2003 Knitters. Well that and a hundred other things! 🙂