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February 12th, 2004:

Cats and Yarn…

We visited Hetty and Andrew tonight in their new house. It was lovely to see their belongings spread out rather than being crampted in their old place. The cats seemed very happy and I got the lovely Tenzin to come over to me when I waggled my hand. The always regal Tomas received us in his throne room aka Hetty and Andrew’s bedroom. His throne is their bed and he didn’t move from it the whole time we were there!

While at Hetty and Andrew’s we discussed Hetty’s blog and it’s content. Hetty writes quite a lot about her personal life and about Andrew’s movements, sounds he may make when his laptop is crashing ect. So much in fact that I knew what Hetty had had for lunch and dinner on Friday! I don’t think that I reveal a great deal over here so I will share a story about Andy.

It’s rather an unfortunate story actually because today Andy went to a cash machine to withdraw £50. Ten minutes after he had left the bank he realised that he had left the £50 there! He rushed back but someone had taken it! He’s going to be 40 later this year and puts it down to a “senior moment”! 🙂 I maintain that it wouldn’t have happened to me because I’m a bit paranoid about making sure that the machine gives me back my card, money, receipt etc. Poor Andy, he’s £50 lighter today. BTW I did ask Andy before I shared this story with you all…

Oh and Heather, I started writing the last entry in draft form on the 4th but posted it over the weekend.

Becky asked what I was going to do with the Colinette yarn I ordered. I keep changing my mind about it really. I am thinking of felting some of the Skye Jamboree, I think that would make wonderful Fuzzy Feet! The Point Five in the same colourway is for a thin garter stitch scarf, while some of the toucan will be either a beret or Bucket Hat or fingerless gloves. I still haven’t decided!

So much yarn, so little time. And today my Hand Paint Heaven January sale order arrived. I ordered two grab bags in jewel colours – one plant, one animal. Inside the bags were two skeins of Melange, one skein of Boucle Lace, one skein of Baby Loop and a skein of Supersock. The twist in the Supersock isn’t quite right, hence it being in the grab bag, but it would make some nice gloves or a beret. I’m not really sure what to do with the Baby Loop or the Boucle Lace, I’m not a shawl person. Hmm any suggestions aside from scarves? Or perhaps a lace scarf?