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March 30th, 2004:


I took it easy over the weekend hoping to speed my recovery from the lurgy. I didn’t want a repeat of how I’d felt earlier in the year. So I still have my cough and am a bit sniffly but am otherwise ok. Much thanks to Hetty, Shobhana and Jeni for the well wishes

Of course taking the weekend off has meant that I’m now behind in emails, housework even tv watching! I did get some knitting done – am ready to do sleeve decreases on the top down raglan that seems to be taking forever, and have started a sock in the Mountain Colours Bearfoot that Theresa sent me.

Looks like Spring is actually here as the weather is warming up. So my hat wearing days are numbered. A shame because I love my hats. I will try going hatless tomorrow, will have to switch to jackets soon as well. Which may mean having to make one. I’ve been putting it off for about three years mostly because everytime I attempt to sew a jacket I seem to make a mess of it.

I have some black corduroy somewhere so may use that. Will have to hunt through the patterns for a simple style that’s easy to sew and that won’t look like a sack when worn!

If I owe you an email I’m sorry, I will catch up with you soon.