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April, 2004:

Stitch & Bitch Tomorrow!

It’s the Cardiff Stitch & Bitch tomorrow! Can’t wait!

My copy of Confessions of a Knitting Heretic by Annie Modesitt arrived today. This is just such a great book. Annie has a lovely writing style. I think everyone should get this book, it’s that wonderful!

Rowan – R2 magazine

The new Rowan – R2 magazine will be out on May first. I’ve been having a look at the preview and some of the designs are pretty Out There but some look interesting too. I’m going to John Lewis in Bristol on Sunday so hopefully they’ll have both the mag and some of the yarns there!

As Promised…

Photos of the European Great Stash Redistribution Project box aka the Steek Box.


The Box!


What I took out – 250g of purple mohair and 50g of novelty yarn (recognise anything Emma?!)


And some of what I put in

The box sets off on the next leg of its journey – mainland Europe! – tomorrow.

The Sole Solution – Sock Design Contest

I’m a member of the Software for Knitters email list on Yahoo. It’s a support list for users of Moran software programmes like The Sole Solution. Recently there was a sock design contest on the list and the patterns have now been compiled into a pdf document. It’s 99 pages long and there are some really wonderful patterns. It’s just under a 3meg download which took my broadband connection 25 seconds to download but well worth the wait if you’re on a dial-up connection.

Download it here

Stash Redistribution in Wales!

The Great Stash Redistribution European Box arrived at my home today!

I’ve put in more than I’ve taken out but it’s a great chance to pass on those weird colours or mistake yarns that somehow made it into your stash. I put in some Jaeger Matchmaker Merino, Rowan Cotton DK, Colinette Point Five, Rowan All Seasons Cotton, RowanSpun and some other yarns than I can’t remember the name of. I took out some purple mohair – I fancy making a black and purple striped cardi! – and a ball of novety yarn.

I’ll take some pix later but this box will be heading off to Dominique in Belgium in the next day or so!

Return from Toronto


View of Toronto from CN Tower

We arrived home at about 11am this morning. Andy has gone to sleep but I’m thinking about unpacking.

Toronto has some fabulous creative resources, sadly, I didn’t get to visit them all but from the money point of view that’s probably just as well! 🙂 I bought some great beads, gorgeous Fleece Artist sock kits, flowery ribbon trim for bucket hats, koigu, various novelty yarns for scarves and trimsplus some good value cotton for a summer cardi and Lamb’s Prde worsted in Black. I think I now have enough LPW in Black in my stash to actually knit some of it! 🙂

More later when I’ve unpacked! 🙂

Hello from Toronto!

It’s our first full-day in Toronto and of course I’ve done some spending!

We started off by going for a Jewis brunch at a cafe which I forget the name off – I’ll update this later – and then went to Kensington Market.

Went to Freshly Baked Goods and bought two fab cardis – one purple mohair and one purple variagated cotton. They’re very cool and were on sale as well which is great! I also got a really good deal on some wonderful buttons. The cardis are really nice styles, just the type that I should be knitting! There’s a pattern for them in the Stitch & Bitch book and Debbie Stoller is wearing it on the front cover.

I also went to Lettuce Knits where I bought two Charlotte’s Web patterns – one for me and one for Jeni, some Mission Falls cotton yarn for Bucket Hats and of course some Koigu for socks or gloves etc. I also got another great deal, this time it was on bamboo bag handles for $2 each!

I still have to do Queens West for more yarn and fabric etc. But so far it’s been a good start to the week.

The weather has been really varied – started off pouring with rain and now it’s quite sunny. Just like SF!

Remember if you visit Toronto to save your bills as you can claim back the sales tax.


I really shouldn’t be posting because we leave at 7.15am today and I still haven’t quite finished my packing.

We had a work’s leaving do tonight and had such fun that I left nearly two hours later than I’d planned!

My Toronto Knitting will be the second Bearfoot sock – it’s almost at the heel so I should finish it during the trip. Was wondering about taking some of the Interlacements Little Toes with me but that might be a bit much. I will take my Denise needles just in case I see something that I have to knit immediately!

Also the Bucket is currently on hold because I remembered why I hadn’t actually made any since I first bought the pattern – I don’t own two pairs of 4.5mm circs. What a lovely excuse to get more Addi Turbos! 🙂

I will try and post sometime during our trip if I can. See you all soon!

Can't Wait!

This time next week we’ll be in Toronto! I can’t wait! There are so many cool places to visit there. There will be some stops along the way at Queens West to check out fabric, bead and yarn stores, Kensington Market to check out a yarn store and I’ll also possibly be buying a cardigan from here as well as buttons.

I’m really looking forward to this trip, for one thing I get to meet up with my friend Christina! We’ve been emailing since 1998 so it will be good to finally meet in person.

In the UK we’re at the end of a 4 day weekend. Friday and today are public holidays. I had planned to do a lot of gardening but the weather has been a bit crappy. So as a result we’ve done some tidying up but no planting. I bought some bedding plants, mostly violas and geraniums, and some herbs which I’ll have to plant before we go away on Saturday. I also found a little oregano growing in a pot that I can’t remember planting. I think it may have grown from a little cutting from my big oregano that I must have stuck in the soil last year.

Knitting wise, I’ve finished the first Bearfoot sock and have swatched for the Bottoms up Bucket. I haven’t measured my swatch yet but it’s in Rowan handknit cotton DK in black. I have four balls of the HK DK and bought two balls of dark blue Rowan Denim on Saturday for another Bucket.

Bonne Marie blogged about decorating spring hats with ribbons etc which got me looking through my trims last night. I think that ne of my hats may have some brightly coloured flower braid on it plus some iron-on dragon flies, I LOVE dragon flies, that I bought in la Drogerie last year. I also have a wonderful ribbon with cats chasing yarn also from LD. Oh the possibilities! 🙂

Wasting time with quizzes

I’m sorry Jeni. I took the grammar quiz and this is what happened –

Grammar God!
You are a GRAMMAR GOD!

If your mission in life is not already to
preserve the English tongue, it should be.
Congratulations and thank you!

How grammatically sound are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Of course as a journalist grammar has to be important to me and I can be a bit obsessive about it.

Back to knitting, I’m now on the leg of the first Bearfoot sock! Looking forward to starting the second. It may well be my Toronto knitting. Will be nice to have something vaguely finishable. But I’ve also joined Becky’s Bottom’s Up Bucket Knitalong. I bought Bonne Marie’s fab pattern as soon as it came out but, as usual, haven’t done anything with it. I’m going to have a look through the stash later to see what cotton yarns I have in DK weight.