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April 28th, 2004:

As Promised…

Photos of the European Great Stash Redistribution Project box aka the Steek Box.


The Box!


What I took out – 250g of purple mohair and 50g of novelty yarn (recognise anything Emma?!)


And some of what I put in

The box sets off on the next leg of its journey – mainland Europe! – tomorrow.

The Sole Solution – Sock Design Contest

I’m a member of the Software for Knitters email list on Yahoo. It’s a support list for users of Moran software programmes like The Sole Solution. Recently there was a sock design contest on the list and the patterns have now been compiled into a pdf document. It’s 99 pages long and there are some really wonderful patterns. It’s just under a 3meg download which took my broadband connection 25 seconds to download but well worth the wait if you’re on a dial-up connection.

Download it here