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May 5th, 2004:

Ohh! French Yarn!!!!


This arrived for me today from the lovely Becky! It’s some fabulous Anny Blatt Merinos yarn! It is, shock!, DK weight! I’m slowly moving down the needle sizes!

Here’s a close up


Thanks Becky! And if you want to see what I traded for this go here.

I’ve been thinking a bit more about the Colinette poncho. It is basically two rectangles sewn together so I’m going to have a stab at making one without a pattern. I’ve made a little model from a post-it note and will use that for working out the measurements of the poncho. I have plenty of Colinette in my stash but I actually like the sound of some of Wendy’s not-Colinette yarn subsitutions. I’m thinking that I may have enough yarn to create a blue green poncho.

Something else that’s still on my to-do list is a bucket hat. I haven’t got any further than casting on a few stitches in Black Rowan Handknit DK because I’m waiting for some new needles. When I get them they’ll get a lot of use because this is my Summer Bucket Hat stash so far!


Mmmm Colinette!

I’m not usually a poncho person but I’ve become quite taken with the Colinette ponchos that Wendy has been knitting. They’re from Colinette’s Vintage Knits kit which is discontinued in the UK according to the lovely people at Colinette. If anyone has a spare copy of the pattern that they’d be willing to swap for yarn or another Colinette pattern book – I have a few to swap – let me know.

Oh and before you ask, I’m not one of those awful people who wrote to Wendy yesterday demanding a free copy of the Colinette pattern. Why do people do that? Have they no manners? Do they not understand copyright? Sadly, it’s probably all of the above.