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May 6th, 2004:

My Moonster

My friend Hannah holds a party every year to celebrate the Winter Solstice. A group of us get together and some of us exchange gifts. Last year my friend Heather gave us gifts of Moonsters. What is a Moonster? Well it’s a personalised ritual that you can do on the phases of the moon and how they affect you.

I had to decide which type of moon I wanted to do my ritual on and provide Heather with some information about myself. I chose to have a new moon ritual and when it arrived I was little bid worried at first as to what it might contain. Maybe I had to do something that felt odd or weird. Well it was neither of those things. I had to walk slowly through the rooms of my home and decide what I wanted to do with them, decorate, put shelves up whatever came into my mind. The ritual was in several stages and included analysing my dreams.

Usually I have to be in the mood for doing things like thinking of decorating, but who knows when that mood will come upon you? Well that’s sort of what the Moonsters do. They tell when it’s the right time to do something, when the energies are right for you. My last Moonster involved thinking of craft projects, well that might sound like a no-brainer (!) but I’ve felt full of ideas this month and the Moonster helped me tap into them. You can find out more about Moonsters by going to Heather’s website.