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May 13th, 2004:

More on the Toronto Yarn

Was too tired to post yesterday after an overnight business trip where I had no internet access! I coped! 🙂

The black Lamb’s Pride (why is LP not available in the UK? It’s ridiculous), Fleece Artist Soft Socks kit (blue, yellow and pink colour) and Deep Red Butterfly Super 10 cotton are from Village Yarns in Islington.

Tip – before going to Village yarns ensure that you print off the directions from their website. Otherwise you may find yourself taking 40 minutes to get there when it’s only about ten or fifteen mins from the Islington subway stop!

While not as large as Romni, Islington Yarns is still a big store and I liked their selection. They had the usual novelties as well as basics like Lamb’s pride. They seemed to have a good range of mid price yarns as well. The staff were friendly and helpful and also quite knowledgeable.

Berocco Plume FX, Mosaic FX, Optik, Fleece Artist sock kit in blues and greens and silk yarn in black are from Romni Wools.

Romini was the largest yarn store I’ve ever been in! I couldn’t believe just how big it was. It was chock full of yarns in fact novelty yarns are spilling all over the place when you walk inside. I did feel pretty overwhelmed by all of the yarn and it took me a while to get my bearings and decide what I wanted.

I hadn’t intended to visit Romni wools because I’d heard that the staff were unfriendly, however once I saw it I had to go rude staff or not. I was actually pleasantly surprised because they seemed very helpful. It was the middle of the afternoon and they weren’t very busy so that may have made a difference. They had such a big selection that it was worth going in whatever. I saw Rowan, various sock yarns including Regia, Colinette and Noro on their shelves. Much more was there was well.

The Koigu and Mission Falls cotton are from Lettuce Knit. Lettuce Knit is one of the newest yarn stores in Toronto and is in the fashionable Kensington Market area. It’s a small store but has some nice stuff. It was the only store out of the three to carry Koigu yarns and seemed quite light and friendly. They also carry Noro, Mission Falls, some Rowan, Colinette and others that I can’t remember.

I think that I’d visit all of these stores if I went back to Toronto. I do hope to visit again in a couple of years time.