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August, 2004:

Poncho Crazy, Poncho Mad!

I feel like such a bad blogger for not posting for a while but I have been busy knitting – ponchos! I finished the Stitch Diva Art Nouveau poncho


Apologies for the bad pic.

Here’s a close-up of it


I used some great yarn that I bought from Motomo either last year or the year before. It’s hand dyed nylon with a metallic thread running through in the Wild Berries Colourway. The knitting is complete but the poncho isn’t finished. I need to darn in some tails, try and block it and make a beaded neck cord for it.

I’ve also made a poncho using Yarn Harlot’s pattern from some Colinette Skye in the discontinued Toucan shade, some navy Cascade 220 which I knit with a strand of a viscose blue metallic knobby yarn (don’t you just love it when I get all technical!) that I bought in Berlin and some Colinette mohair in Venezia knit with a strand of a railroad ribbon that Theresa gave me in one of our swaps. Again the knitting part is completed but I need to sew in ends, block and add fringe.

Meanwhile I ordered a fabulous Mango Moon Poncho from Lettuce Knit in Toronto. I was their first International customer! The poncho kit is gorgeous and contains three skeins of recycled silk plus 450 yards of embellishment yarns including eyelash, mohair and ribbon. It’s one of those ponchos that’s knit in two pieces and then sewn together. I’m now about halfway through the second piece. I can’t wait until it’s finished so that I can wear it! 🙂

But the poncho madness doesn’t stop there because I also ordered a Fleece Artist poncho kit in Dreadlocks yarn (just a gorgegous combination of wool and mohair, so soft) in greens and blues from Needles and Pins in London, Ontario. This will be my next big project! It’s going to be fab and again I had great service from Ellen at the store!

And to think that one time I actually didn’t like ponchos! 🙂

I’ve also finshed my Interlacements Las Vegas Brights socks – very fun and colourful! – plus the the sea greens and blue scarf that I started about a year ago on the way to my friends Charlie and Andy’s wedding in Cornwall. Since then I’ve been to two more weddings – my Andy’s university friend Tim’s wedding and the wedding of Jeni and Anthony!

We’ll be seeing Tim and his new wife Lisa in two weeks time as they’re coming to stay with us for Andy’s 40th birthday. Our friend Kath is going to stay with us well. We’ve been busy cleaning house in anticipation of our guests!

Something else that I have to do before Andy’s birthday is make his present. He’s having a green velvet frock coat. I actually promised him it to him about three years ago but never got around to making it. I was a bit scared of messing the velvet up. I have to make a start on it this week. I’m also knitting a scarf from Crystal Palace Squiggle and Fizz and a top-down v-neck raglan from Stef’s excellent pattern in Noro Iro! So I can never claim that I have nothing to do! 🙂

New Rowan Mag

Came home to find that Rowan Book 36 had arrived! We went out to dinner with our friends Charlie and Andy who were visiting from Cornwall – Charlie has a job interview in Cardiff tomorrow – so I’ve only been able to look at it since we got back. Looks interesting so far. I like one of the cardigans that’s made from Silk Haze and Kid Silk. Reminds me a little of the scribble lace that Debbie New does and also the Loopy & Luscious Scarf from Knitty.

Poncho – Thanks for the tips left in the comments. In the end I decided to frog it. It’s not going to have tassles and is too lacey and open for a seam to go unnoticed. I usually start large circular projects off on two needles as that way I’m less likely to twist the cast on. Then I revert to one circular needle.

Normally I cast on to one needle and then divide the stitches up. But this time for some reason I decide to add the second needles in the middle of casting off. As a result I twisted the cast on, again and had to frog, again! I was so angry with myself.

So I’m now casting on for the third time. Let’s hope that the third time’s the charm! 🙂

Oh, and tomorrow I’m going to Jeni’s. I can’t wait to see her spinning wheel, cats and stash! 🙂