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October, 2004:


Sorry no SF book stash today because I’ve been busy with another secret knitting project! I’ll post about it sometime next week perhaps along with my other secret knitting project!

But for now, here’s another project!


This is the beginnings of a glove from aran-weight Wensleydale hand dyed by Tess of Silkwood Angoras. I also have 4-ply and angora in the same shade. It’s getting quite cold here and I want to wear the gloves soon. I’m going to try and get sewing on my Winter coat this weekend as well. It’s about 50% sewn so there shouldn’t be a great deal of work to do on it. I can’t quite decide on the buttons though. I do have some interesting resin ones with lavendar inside that I bought in La Droguerie last year.

Of course before I can do any sewing I have to clear some space in my craft room!

More Tales of SF Stash…

More about the stash in a bit because it was Stitch and Bitch tonight and I had a great time! We had two new members Carmen and Martha. Carman is from Madrid in Spain and told me that they have some great yarn stores there! Andy went to Madrid earlier in the year for a friend’s stag night and is eager to return and show me the city, looks they’ll be some cool shops to check out too! Martha is from Norwich and was knitting a very interesting sock. She also has a friend who’s been known to make knitted human organs like livers! She’s going to come to our next meeting.

We’re next meeting up on Wednesday when Elizabeth from New Mexico will be visiting Cardiff.

As you know I met up with Mariko with San Francisco last week, but I failed to mention was that she gave me these lovely charms!


From right to left – a pair of scissors, my favourite – a muffin charm!, a thimble, tea cup, spoon and an alien, well it is Scifiville!

These are designed to go on a charm bracelet but the muffin will have a necklace all of its own!

Book stash tomorrow!

Stitch & Bitch Tonight!

Why not join us?! Full details on the Stitch & Bitch Cardiff page.

There’s also a special S&B next Wednesday evening because Elizabeth from the USA is visiting!

More SF Stash

I’ve wanted to knit a garment entirely from Lamb’s Pride Worsted for a while. It’s so annoying that the yarn isn’t available in the UK. So I bought a load from Dharma Trading while I was there!


The colours haven’t come out very well in the picture but I bought three skeins of the pink and three of Amethyst to make a cardi of some sort. I’m actually wondering about trying Lara from Debbie Bliss’s Alpaca Silk book. I would use the Amethyst on the body and the pink for the ribbed collar and cuffs. The yarn might be able to stretch to it as I always have to shorten sleeves. The blue is called Blue Boy. I bought two skeins for gloves or felting or something.


This is a Mary Engelbreit Collectible Pincushion. from Britex Fabrics. It was too cute to leave in the store!

So what projects have I been working on since we returned?


A Squiggle and Fizz scarf from yarns bought in the Bay Area – Squiggle from Britex Fabrics in SF and the Fizz from Dharma Trading in San Rafael.


I’ve also made this pair of earrings from some 14mm size bumpy beads that bought in General Bead. They were really cheap – $7.95 for 24 beads. I may use the remaining beads for a bracelet.

More SF stash later!

SF Stash Continued…

Of course no trip to San Francisco would be complete without a trip to Art Fibers. The store is a veritable feast for the knitter, with textures that you won’t find elsewhere. It was the first yarn store that Mariko and I went in to last Monday. We looked around for ages it was so difficult to choose which yarn to purchase.

Nanook, Kyoto and Amaretto

I knew that I wanted some Kyoto. I’d read about its luminous lustre but was still taken aback. This yarn is just yummy. It’s so beautiful. I had a really hard time deciding between Orchid or Electra. I finally choose seven balls of Electra. I’m going to make a top-down raglan cardigan from it. I don’t think I’m brave enough to steek Kyoto so I’ll knit it flat. I’m not sure if I’ll try and finish my other Art Fibers cardi – in Sherlock – before I cast on the Kyoto.

The next must-have yarn was a single ball of Nanook in, I think, the Nightfly colourway. It’s a handpainted yarn and is a combination of thin eyelash and a thicker furrier yarn. I think on big needles it’ll make a scarf.

I’m a big fan of the poncho and they had a very nice one in Amaretto on display in the store. It took 5 balls knitted on size 11 or 13 US needles. They had four on the shelf so I’m going to try that and the Harlot pattern and see how that looks. I think the shade I have is Prunejam.

I feel the urge for a quick knit but can’t stop casting on for new projects. I need some purple gloves to go with my new coat – well it’s not exactly new yet, I haven’t finished sewing it – and a long awaited order from Silkwood Angoras arrived for me today. In it was 300g Aran wool, 100g 4-ply wool and 65g of Angora handspun, all custom dyed for me in a mix of magentas and purples by Tess. I’ve cast on for gloves in the aran but think the cuff may be too big. I’m going to keep with it in case it gets smaller once the rib kicks in.

I feel I must apologise for the terrible grimaces I seem to be giving in the photos on Mariko’s website. I was very happy but was trying to avoid a toothy smile since I’m told that it doesn’t suit me. Well I think I prefer the toothy smile to the smile gone wrong look! So apologies for that. I’ll have to smile toothly at the next Stitch and Bitch or something, but usually one of us forgets to bring a camera!

More stash tomorrow!

Back but Bleugh!

We came home from San Francisco on saturday afternoon but aside from our various purchases we also brought home a stomach bug. I don’t know what it was but we ate something on Thursday that didn’t agree with us. Andy was ill first and I then became ill on the Saturday. We were both off work sick today but are going back in tomorrow.

But enough of that, here’s the first taste of the San Francisco stash!

From ImagiKnit


Checkmate by Trendsetter Yarns in 1039, Artful Yarns Portrait in 108 and Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Ruby River.

Rachel in answer to your comment, yes our cases were very heavy! Especially mine!

The last full day of

The last full day of our holiday in San Francisco started off with breakfast across the street from the hotel. Then it was another trip to General Bead as yesterday I’d forgotten to pick up some chain for making charm bracelets. They had some interesting stuff including coloured chain so I tried some purple and pink as well as silver.

From there we walked down to Union square and caught a 38 bus to Japan Town. I went to the bookstore to check out the Japanese knitting books. Thanks to Mariko for incredibly detailed directions following a quick “help where’s the bookstore” email I’d sent yesterday evening while we were having dinner. After searching through the books I decided on an interesting one which features colourwork and some crochet.

Our next stop was for an ice cream at Perry’s Place, a cafe with a jazz theme and who knows how many differerent types of ice cream

North Beach has always had a special place in my heart because I associate it so much with Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City books. So we couldn’t really visit the city without going there. While we were there we went to Z.Cioccolato and I bought my very first package of Marshmallow Peeps! I have to thank Mariko for this before I’d never heard of Peeps until she blogged about them. It was difficult to choose between the Ghosts and the Spooky Cats but the cats came home with me. I’m not going to open them until we get home.

This is our seventh trip to San Francisco. Last year we stayed at a hotel in China Town. We passed it when we walked down Grant St to get a lucky cat ornament for one of Andy’s coworkers. It was really interesting staying in that area last year.

So now we’re back at our hotel again. Tomorrow we’re leaving early to get our plane and will be back in the UK on Saturday. We’re also back in work on Monday which I’m trying not to think about too much…

Fifth Day in San Francisco.

Fifth Day in San Francisco. We’re currently taking a break for lunch at the Tartine Bakery.

We started off the day with the annual visit to General Bead on Minna St. General Bead is an amazing store. Their inventory is so huge that they just display one of everything on the walls along with a corresponding catalogue number. You then write doen the number, colour, quantity etc. on a form. I didn’t think that I needed to buy much during this visit but they have so much great stuff that it was hard not to buy the whole store!

Next was Pearl Art Supplies – where I picked up some Lion Brand Woolease and some card making supplies. All for under $10.

Then we went to Tartine followed by a visit to ImagiKnit. Or should I say the new and improved ImagiKnit. When I first visited the store last year I thought it was jam packed with yarn. Now they’ve expanded into the building next door and have packed even more yarn in there! It’s easy to become overwhelmed because there’s just so much.

I ended up getting the new Debbie Bliss book, some Artful Yarns Portrait Mohair and some Mountain Colors Bearfoot sock yarn in Ruby River. I’m quite tempted to make some gloves from it. I’m wondering if I could squeeze a pair of socks and some fingerless gloves from it.

There are some great bookstores on Valencia st, I went to Dog Eared Books and picked up the new Alice Walker novel. Modern Times Bookstore is very woman friendly and has a great feminist section. I picked up a few presents there!

Mexican Hot Chocolate – We went into several grocery stores in the Mission but only found it in one. But it had obviously been in the store for some time as it was really dusty. I decided to leave it there. Hetty’s mother is sending some over for me anyway. Thanks Hetty!

Now we’re back in the hotel room recuperating, we’ll be going out for Chinese food later. Yum!

The Rainiest Day In A

The Rainiest Day In A Decade. Well, according to the news reports. It was so wet that it took us a while to leave the hotel. We first went to the San Francisco Centre, a small shopping mall downtown.

ln the afternoon we went to the Haight Ashbury and shopped at the branch of Amoeba Music there. The store had changed since we were last there. There’s now a whole room dedicated to DVDs and movie posters.

Our first cinema visit this week was to see Team America. It was pretty funny and some of the songs, although not repeatable here!, are stuck in my head even now.

We finished our day with a pizza from The Village Pizzeria. They make really good pizza although I’ve never been able to eat a whole one, they’re just too big.

Tomorrow we’re going to The Mission in search of Mexican Hot Chocolate and I also hope to pay a visit to Imagiknit!

What A Great Day! I

What A Great Day! I had the most incredible day! I’m too exhausted to write in great detail but I met Mariko, the amazingly generous cancer-fighting Megan who drove us around, plus Rachel and Jennifer!

The day started off at 10am when Megan and Mariko picked us up from the hotel. We were dropped off downtown where Andy went shopping for cds and Mariko and I went to Britex Fabrics. I bought some yarn and we both bought very cute little pin cushions which look like handbags.

Next we went to Art Fibers! I love that yarn store! So I think you can guessthat I bought some yarn! We went to the Ferry Building for lunch and met up with Andy and Jennifer. Jennifer introduced us to a great olive oil store and Mariko helped us buy chocolate! That’s always good!

Megan picked us up and we drove out across the Golden Gate Bridge to Dharma Trading in San Rafael where we met up with Rachel. I bought more yarn including some Lamb’s Pride in Ruby Red and some Sugar and Creme cotton in olive tones for Jeni. Jeni, I think you’ll enjoy working with these!

After that we went to a place that Megan had heard about that served frozen custard. It really did taste like custard although the small size was ginormous!

We had a great time, everyone was fabulous. It was so wonderful to meet up with some amazing bloggers. Thanks again Mariko, Megan, Joanne and Rachel!