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November, 2005:


Finally some slightly better photos of Tiger


and sleeping in his bed in the hall


He hasn’t bitten or scratched me since that last time but Andy was scrammed this evening. We hiss at Tiger when he does something wrong. He knows that he’s been naughty then. I hissed at him when he bit me on Sunday and he ran up the stairs.

We’ve just been giving him short, quick strokes. They don’t seem to overstimulate him. The other cats have had a few more meetings with tiger and they’re still not one hundred per cent sure of him. He’s actually very nervous of them as well – even nervous of Pushkin who’s about half his size!

And onto the knitting. I’ve had Scarf Style for a while now and have always been attracted to Jo Sharp’s Misty Garden. I ordered the yarn for it, her rare Comfort Infusion Mohair from Get Knitted and started it on Saturday. It’s an easy feather and fan pattern but I did make a couple of mistakes that i had to rip out. And ripping out mohair is such a joy isn’t it?! 🙂 I like how the scarf is turning out but wish I’d bought a brighter colour. I’m making it from the Jasmine Tea shade which is a dark plum with grey. Have a look at the Scarf Style Knitalong for more Misty Gardens!

Marks of the Tiger

Tiger or Sabre-Toothed Tiger as I’ve been calling him, is a rather unpredictable cat. When we first saw him we were told that a family had seen him and been very interested in him. Until he’d bitten them. The shelter said they thought it was just a friendly cat nip – that’s when a cat likes you and just puts his teeth on you. It’s not a mean gesture and doesn’t draw blood.

So when he tried to bite me on Saturday I thought he was just a little excited. Later when he scratched me I put it down to the stress of the move, being in a strange house etc. Then last night Tiger and I were sat on the sofa and he was cuddling up to me, rubbing his head on my arm when he bit my arm and drew blood. I have no idea why he did this. I wasn’t crowding him and it came out of the blue.

This evening he tried to bite me again and also bit Andy, although this time he didn’t break the skin. So I’m wondering what to do. It’s really difficult because he’s a beautiful looking cat. He is enormous though and I think he’s either a Maine Coon cat or MC mix, he even makes the chirping noise that’s associated with them. He can be very affectionate and likes human company but we humans do not like the biting!Good job our tetanus jabs (shots) are up to date.

We’ve introduced our three cats to his scent and vice versa through scent swapping but they haven’t spent more than a few moments with him. They’re all very nervous of him. We’re just going to have to wait and see if everyone settles down. It takes time for cats to settle in to a new home. He’s also a lot older than we were previously told – five years not eighteen months old – so if the biting is one of his ways it’s not going to disappear.

In Knitting News I came home to find a parcel from my Better Pal!


Mexican Hot Chocolate, a Bad Cat calendar (rather appropriate at the mo!)and three delicious hand dyed skeins of Atacama Alpaca! And who was my wonderful Better Pal? It was Tracy aka Rock Chick! Thanks Tracy for being a fab and very generous BP!

I’m surviving on very little sleep at the moment due to my horrible cough which will just not go away. My voice is a bit better but still husky so KnitCast is postponed until Wednesday.

Tiger, Tiger…

Meet Tiger…


He’s a one and half-year-old long-haired tabby. A very friendly boy seen here in a blur of fur…


The photos don’t really do him justice. He’s large but not fat. His long hair seems to get lost in the photos.

We had the call this morning that we were approved and could take him home this coming Saturday. We’ll be settling him in slowly, getting the other cats used to his scent and him to theirs.

I’ve still got a terrible cough although my voice is a little better. Monday is podcast day and I’m a bit worried about sounding croaky on the intro to the second Ally Pally interview. Hopefully I can rest my voice a bit more on the weekend.

Knitting wise I’m half-way through casting off the Sabrina Tam in rib. I will be so happy to finish that because the yarn in combination with the needles has been very tough on my hands. After that I’ll return to the silky softness of the Kyoto cardi. Someone in the comments, I’m so sorry I can’t remember who off hand, asked about the hand of the knitted Kyoto fabric. It’s very soft and light. It’s also very warm because of the kid mohair. Kyoto is lovely to work with and I would have bought some more in San Francisco last month if I had  seen the colour I wanted.

Cough, cough, splutter

I’m suffering from a horrible cough that’s stripped away almost all of my voice. So I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself. I’ve also been off work for the second day in a row. Can’t do my job without my voice and all the coughing is pretty disgusting.

No cat news although the home check seemed to go well. Hopefully we’ll hear back from them tomorrow. If you want a cat fix then pop over to Claudia’s blog for a pic of her ever wonderful Russian Blue Igor.

I’m still knitting away on the Sabrina Tam. I’m about three rows  away from the ribbing and the delights of casting off in rib. I’ve found the yarn very difficult to work with. It looks interesting when knit up but is very unfriendly in the hand. I’m looking forward to knitting with a nice smooth yarn again. I probably should alternate rows with finishing off my second top-down raglan. It’s about ten rows away from the finish line and I’ve been working on it since before SF.

Hats and Sweaters – yeah, it took me a long time to come up with that title….

After finishing off the Page Boy Hat last night I started another hat. This time it’s the Sabrina Tam from Knitscene magazine. I bought two skeins of it in shade 25 in ImagiKnit when I was in San Francisco last month. This is my progress so far.


It should be finished tomorrow night depending on how much knitting time I get. I wasn’t too sure if I liked it at first but I got a lot of compliments during lunch today when I was working on it.

This year seems to have been the year of the sweater, which came as a great surprise to me as last year I don’t think I finished any. It began with my knitting Agnes by Jane Ellison in Kureyon and finishing off a top down raglan from Glampyre’s free pattern in Silk Garden. I’d seen these adaptions of Stef’s Mini Sweater pattern and really wanted to make some for myself. I finished the first one from Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted in the Get Knitted colourway during the summer when I was on sick leave.


The colour is a bit off, using a different camera, the yellow in the sweater hasn’t shown up at all. It’s secured with a little enameled geisha button but I couldn’t get a decent close-up of it. I used three skeins and a bit of a fourth one. I wish I’d made a bit wider but it’s still my favourite cardi. I just love the colours. I should steam it as the garter stitch edgings roll a bit.

In addition to this one I have two others on the needles. One is nearly finished and other is at about the half-way mark. And then there’s the Agnes that I began knitting from Silk Garden back in July. I just need to knit the back and sew it up. Oh and there’s my Klaralund which was put away because I got bored with it. That’s about 80 per cent knit. I’d like to get most of them finished by the end of the year but I haven’t decided if I’m doing any Christmas knitting yet. That will be the deciding factor I think but then I haven’t factored in making more hats and knitting yet more gloves! 🙂

New Cats and New FOs

We went to look at some rescue cats today and found one that we hope can join our feline family. We took photos of him but I don’t want to reveal anything here just in case we don’t get him. You see the animal organisation has to do a home check before we can have him and I don’t want to tempt fate. I do hope that we pass and get to take him home though. He is a wonderful cat. The home check is on Wednesday.

Meanwhile I’ve been suffering from a horrible cold since Thursday. It came on just before I went to a Stitch & Bitch meeting. Thursday and Friday were hard and while my nose has stopped streaming so much, I have an irritating cough. I hate coughs, they usually take a few weeks to shift. 🙁

I’ve still been knitting of course and finished the Stitch Diva Page Boy Hat.


I stuffed it with bubble wrap for the photo and need to give the felted brim a press with the steam iron to flatten it down. It’s made from Lorna’s Laces Bullfrogs and Butterflies in Bitter Sweet. I used two strands of yarn. The pattern calls for 70 yards of yarn, I think, and each skein of LLBB has 190 yards. I’m hoping to get a scarf out of what’s left. Not sure yet which pattern I’ll use.

I’ll be wearing this with my new black faux Persian lamb coat.

Getting Back

Thanks for all of the lovely comments and emails about Clyde both here and at KnitCast. They’ve meant a great deal to me.

It’s not been the most brilliant week. I had Monday off work and that would have been a really hideous day had it not been for a visit from my friend Charlie and her daughter Lucy. Lucy is the only baby that I’ve really wanted to knit for. Course by the time I actually decide on what to knit her she will have out grown it! Better start an adult sock now! 🙂 Anyway, they helped keep me busy.

As long as I’ve been busy I’ve been ok. It’s  late at night when I’m trying to get to sleep that  I start getting  pretty sad about Clyde. That said, I’m not going through as bad a time as I did over eight years ago when my last cat died. I never really knew what had happened to Harvey so I didn’t get closure whereas Clyde is buried in our garden. My mum is going to get us a little cat statue to go on it and I’m planning on planting some Japanese anemones there.

We are going to get another cat, in fact we’re going to look at some in a shelter tomorrow. I always try and have rescue cats where possible. We’re not getting a kitten but will be looking for an young adult/adult cat. It’s always harder for them to home the adults as most people seem to want kittens. It’s a shame because adult cats aren’t as demanding as kittens and they’re still just as cute.

The cold weather has made me pull out my Page Boy hats and I’m knitting another one from the Lorna’s Laces Bullfrogs and  Butterflies in Bitter Sweet that I bought from Knit Happens in the summer.  I’ve already felted the brim and hope that it will have dried enough tomorrow for me to attach it.