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January, 2006:

Return of the Ick

KnitCast is delayed this week – and I’m way behind in emails because I’m feeling like hell again. Sometimes I just get days when I’m really unwell. Hopefully I’ll hear when my appointment with the specialist is soon. Hopefully…

So for the moment no cat pics, or project pics sadly. But I hope to help represent Wales in the Knitting Olympics next month as part of Team Wales! Have to be feeling a little bit better by then too!

Still the New Year – Sort of…

It’s easy to keep putting things off. I’d originally planned to blog on Dec 31st with some pix of my FOs of 2005. But I didn’t. So it was then going to be Jan 1st and the new projects for 2006. But that didn’t happen. And I got bogged down with other stuff and distracted and then someone showed me the Vogue Knitting article and I realised that it had a link to this blog! So it wasn’t going to look good to have no entries for 2006!

So here I am rapidly typing trying to thing of something interesting and failing. I don’t even have any pix of projects to show you. I currently have about six active projects, active in that they haven’t totally been shoved away in the corner of a room somewhere. Four of them are cardigans – three top down variations from Glampyre patterns – and the other two are socks. I have to do ribbing on one Fleece Artist sock – must get it done before we got to Toronto again in March – and then I’ve just started another FA sock. This time it’s in Celestial Merino and is a wonderful turquoise mix.

KnitCast wise we’ve recorded the one year anniversary special. It was great fun but now I have to edit it. Not looking forward to that so much. I seem to have so little time these days and what time I do have I want to spend on knitting, watching tv, cinema etc. What I really need are another twenty four hours in the day! Somehow I don’t think it’s going to happen…