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March, 2006:

Back and busy!

We arrived back in the UK last Thursday and I had a hairdressers appointment literally minutes after getting home to my house. So my hair, which had faded to a strawberry blonde, is now a plummy red again. The red took a bit stronger this time since the base hair was darker than when I first had it done.

As some KnitCast listeners will no doubt have noticed, I’m a bit late with the Canadian edition. I’ve been suffering from jet lag since we got home, and the clock going back an hour for British Summer Time (daylight savings) last Sunday made it even worse. So when I’ve not been working I’ve been trying to sleep.

Work wise one of the things I got up to this week was meeting the stars of Doctor Who. You can listen to the report online here.

Knitting wise I haven’t started any new projects. I finally darned the ends in of some socks I knit last summer, finished off a Celestial Merino sock that just needed an inch knit and did some rows on my vacation knitting. Oh and I met a knitting flight attendant on the plane home! Debbie from Air Canada admired my bias knit garter scarf and asked for the pattern. I had no paper so had to resort to writing it on a sick bag! Debbie if you’re reading this – I apologise for my terrible hand writing! if you’d like the pattern emailed to you let me know.

Last day

Well what’s the best way to spend the last evening of your holiday in Toronto? With Amy Singer of Knitty of course! Andy and I met Amy, took the bus to her neighbourhood and then visited her LYS The Naked Sheep. What a lovely store! Wish I could transplant it to Cardiff or at least build a wormhole to it so that I could always be near Fleece Artist and Hand Maiden yarns.

Of course I bought more yarn –  Haiden Maiden Wavy Scarf kit & Angel Scarf Kit, Soft Wrap/scarf kit by Fleece Artist and a silk Lantern Moon bag.

I also met the fabulous Denny and interviewed her and Amy for the next KnitCast. It should be online on Monday! I recorded it all onsite and I hope that you can tell how much fun we were having while recording it!

Now, I have to pack and try and squeeze all that yarn into my case!

Achy in Toronto

Because I slept funny last night and now my back is acting up. I’ve had back problems since I was hit by a car when I was sixteen. I had no visible injuries aside from a few bruises but I’d landed on my behind and my coccyx had sort of jammed in. Anyway, since then I’ve had back problems and sometimes hotelbeds aggravate them. Think I’ll be asking for an extra pillow.

Yesterday we had our Jewish brunch at the Free Times cafe and it defeated me again. I can’t eat a great deal in one sitting, but Andy made up for that! They make excellent food and it’s highly recommended!

And we went to Kensington Gardens where I bought some great clothes from Freshly Baked Goods (Debbie Stoller wears a cardi designed by owner Laura Jean on the front of Stitch’nBitch) and then headed to Luttuce Knit. Much stocking up of Hand Maiden yarns there – beautiful four ply cashmere for a little scarf, another textures scarf kit – I loved knitting up the last one I bought – and, get this, their new Sea Silk. It’s 70% silk and 30% Seacell which is derived from seaweed. And it even smell of the sea!  I also picked up Lamb’s Pride Worsted in Fushia for a cardi or something and a Fleece Artist Thrummed Moebius Shawl kit.

And I also discovered Burt’s Bees products. Very interesting.

Right, now to get up and have brunch!

Oh Canada…

Yes, we’re in Toronto again. And it’s about the same weather as back home – freezing! But that’s only to be expected this time of year.

We arrived yesterday evening so today was our first full day in the city. And you can’t visit Toronto without a visit to Romni Wools. I went mainly for Fleece Artist. I’d heard of FA before our first visit here two years ago, but had no idea how beautifulit was. You really need to see it in the flesh to appreciate it. And while I still haven’t knitted up everything I bought last time, well that’s what a stash is for! :-), that didn’t stop me from getting more.

so I picked up a Goldilocks Shawl kit in pinks, a Favourite Mittens/Socks kit in wonderful blues/greens, Thrum Socks kit in blues, purples and green as well as something for Jeni. but Jeni – you’ll have to wait until I get back to find out what it is! 🙂

There were a few visits to comic stores too where I pcked up a Cat Woman action figure, Wonder Woman graphic novel and the first issue of the new Ms Marvel series. I used to read Ms Marvel back in the Seventies when I was a kid so it’s great to see that she has her own series again.

Vacation knitting – it’s always difficult to think what to pack so I picked up a directional scarf that I’d started last year in Fauvre by Art Fibers. It’s purples and golds and the yarn is a cotton/linen mix with rayon so it makes an amazing looking scarf. I really want to start that FA Goldilocks shawl though. It’s a very simple triangular shawl in garter stitch so I’ll probably get bored halfway through it! But it will look wonderful when done.