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September, 2006:

Yarn and San Francisco

Well we’ve just got back to the hotel and are having a little rest. And as you can tell from the titel of this post – I got yarn! 🙂

Yes my first visit was to ImagiKnit in the Castro area of the city. Now I remember when it only occupied one storefront, now it covers two, it’s big! If you haven’t been there before it’s well worth going. They have everything from novelty yarns to worsted weight wool for felting. Plus patterns, knitting bags etc.

So it was tough looking in there and deciding what to get, in the end I bought six skeins of Cascade 220 – four in a royal blue and two of the quatro in a blue/green mix. I’m not sure if I’ll be mixing the two really. I always try and buy enough yarn for a sweater especially with worsted but then well it’s nice to have basics like that in the stash. Let’s see I also picked up KnitScene, new Vogue Knit1 and a fab dragonfly shaw pin. I saw it and decided to ask how much it was and was prepared to hear that it was very expensive but it turned out to be just under $19! A snip!

Then to Art Fibers where I spent ages picking out a surprise for Jeni, so long that I think I changed the colourway twice! I also got some Kyoto for me in a purple shade, plus one balls of a handpainted silk in red and black and two balls of a lace weight silk and wool that will apparently make a sweater. Now of course i’ll probably get really bored less than halfway through making that but what the hell, I may pick it up again in say five years and finish it! 🙂

Off now for dinner in Chinatown!

Pacific Standard Time

I’m not a fan of time differences. I know we need them but I always have difficulties adjusting to them. For example, San Francisco is eight hours behind Cardiff, which is why it’s 2.55am here and I’m awake. Meanwhile back at home it’s 10.55am.

But it’s a good time to blog as any. I was going to blog when we came in from the cinema but I was too tired. Too tired even to knit! Yesterday was our second full day in SF and also Andy’s 42nd birthday. I was going to buy him one of the new iPod shuffles but we hadn’t realised that they won’t be out for a month. So after a failed visit to the Apple Store we went and paid pilgrimage to Andy’s favourite place here, Amoeba Records in the Haight. Andy looks for CDs there while I always go straight to the DVD section.

I picked up season one of Project  Runway after Rachael’s  suggestion as well as the seond season of Lost. Now we do have PR in the UK but we have our own version presented first by Elizabeth Hurley  with the new one apparently to be presented by Kelly Osbourne. In fact I’m not entirely sure which channel, if any, shows the American version. But anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing it from the construction point of view.

After that we went to see "Hollywoodland" at the cinema where basically every one acted Ben Afleck off the screen. It was an interesting movie though and better than the mixed reviews we’d read about it.

Now a few blocks from the amc cinema is the Village Pizza and we always go there either before or after seeing a film. I had lasanga which was good and Andy wisely only had two slices of pizza – we’ve had too much pizza issues there before!

And then back to the hotel where I tred to watch Bones and then fell asleep during Justice. All those American shows and no energy to watch them! 🙂

So today, well later today, it’ll be time to hit the yarn stores. I tend to always visit Art Fibers and ImagiKnit and I have an idea of what I might get but it’s still fairly open. I’m also picking up a surprise for Jeni, I have something in mind Jen and hope you like it!

Ok, I’m starting to wind down again so time to sign off.

September in the City

We arrived in San Francisco yesterday afternoon and it seemed a lot quieter at the airport than in previous years.

But you really want to know if I’ve bought any yarn yet! Nope not a skein or ball so far. We went to Berkeley today and I did look at some in Stone Mountain Daughter Fabrics but I didn’t buy any. The problem is that I’ve now been knitting for just under five years and my stash is at saturation point, I have enough to knit anything I fancy so I’m now very selective with new yarn.

So I guess I’ll buy some at Art Fibers when I go there, although I have lot of yarn from them in the stash too. So I’ll be looking out for some more Kyoto I think.

Someone who understands where I’m coming from and has been very good in knitting from her stash is Rachael! We met up with Rachael and Lala had great pizza, in fact I think that pizza could defeat the world! Certainly I could only manage one and a half slices! We also met most of their menagerie except for Digit, whom I really hope comes home soon. They have a lovely hose and wow, Rachael has such an organised yarn room! She claims it’s not tidy but since my yarn room looks like someone did a controled explosion of yarn in there, trust me her room is tidy!

Tomorrow is Andy’s 42nd birthday! So it’s a trip to the Haight and the big Amobea Records there. I imagine I’ll buy some dvds, and some Mountain Ocean coconut body lotion. I ran out of that a few months back so will be good to stiock up.

Other future highlights of the week are ImagiKnit and a combined manicure and pedicure!

Oh and the feather and fan scarf in 4ply cashmere by HandMaiden is going well. I’ve been too tired to work on it since the flight but am sure I’ll get some more knit this week.

Let's Go to San Francisco…

We’ve been going to San Francisco since 1998 and usually go in mid/late October but since I’ll be busy editing my radio programme then I thought it would be better to go to the city by the bay this month instead.

So in just over an hours time we’ll be leaving for the bus to the airport. And since it’s September 11th secuirity will tighter than ever. Not that I mind that, these are well just the times that we live in.

But I’ll have 4ply handpainted cashmere by Hand Maiden that I bought in Toronto with me. I have just the 50g and am thinking going with some feather and fan for a scarf. Not sure how long the scarf will be but as long as it goes around my neck that’ll be fine! I can always secure it with a brooch.

On Tuesday we’re meeting the wonderful Rachael and equally wonderful Lala and we’ll be having pizza!

God I’m so tired right now, it’s nearly 3am, that it’s all I can do to type so I’m going to sign off now. Trips to Art Fibers and ImagiKnit are planned. No podcasts being recorded this trip since my equipment’s faulty. I’m taking my iBook so will hopefully be able to blog while I’m away. Take care all and see you soon.