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November, 2006:

New Beginnings…

I don’t like to get too personal in my blog but I’m aware that people have been wondering where I’ve been and when the next edition of Knitcast is coming out etc.

This year I sort of went into hibenation for a while, I was going through some problems with my relationship and I spent a lot of time trying to hide from those problems thinking they’d just solve themselves. Well they didn’t just solve themselves and I’ve had to admit that my relationship has just come to a natural end. Andy and I are very amicable about the split but it’s still a big deal. Fourteen years is a long time. I’m moving out in about a week and half, I’ll be renting a small house and Pushkin will be coming with me. It’ll be a bit strange at first but I’m looking forward to having my own place.

Unpacking will take a lot of time so things will be quiet I think on the blog front and certainly on the podcasting front, for a while. I have a lot to pack, especially the yarn! I’m trying not to think about all that yarn…but my new yarnroom will be twice the size of the old one!

So apologies all for my silence and know that I’m ok. I’m also still knitting! have a pair of Trekking socks in a fab purple nearly finished and a sleeve and a bit left on my Art Fibers Kyoto cardi. Let’s hope I don’t misplace them in the move.