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December 11th, 2006:

How to Knit a Poem

Well I’m still busy with unpacking and yet still have more to pack at my old house. In fact I’ve been so busy that I actually forgot that there was a four part series called "How to Knit a Poem" presented by the National Poet of Wales Gwyneth Lewis starting today. (Big Thanks to Heather for reminding me!) In fact it’s starting in less than an hours time on BBC Radio 4. Oh and I’m interviewed in the first one I think….:)

You should be able to listen online here

In the meantime thanks to everyone who’s left a comment here. I really appreciate it and will try and write back when I can.

So I have today and tomorrow off but have I any time to just doss around and do nothing? Of course not! Back to the grindstone…

Oh and new rented house is smaller but I have a huge room for all my yarn!