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December 17th, 2006:

Working out a pattern

I saw these Mary Jane style knitted slippers on the Victoria’s Secret website. They wouldn’t be that hard to knit would they? To me it looks like, and remember I knit toe-up socks, knit to heel and then cast off. Pick up stitches for the strap and knit until it’s long enough to fasten comfortably and make a simple button hole.

Hmmm I really fancy making some of those right now but I have to brave the city centre for Xmas shopping. 🙁

But when I do get a chance to knit them, and I’m thinking possibly worsted weight yarn or a little heavier I will post the pattern. They’ll be for tiny feet though, I’m a UK size 4 which is a US 6.5 and European 37. But I think you could adapt any sock pattern for them.