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January, 2007:

Belated First Post of the Year!

Well since it’s nearly the end of January I thought it was high time that I posted! I’ve also had a couple of "are you ok?" type emails, so I want to assure everyone that yes I’m fine and everything’s well. I’m very busy putting together my BBC radio programme on knitting, that’ll be broadcast in mid March. So for the moment that’s my priority over KnitCast – sorry guys.

I’m also busy househunting – I rent at the moment but am looking to buy my second house. I’m having to work overtime to stop myself from thinking about future decorating plans. Best to leave those until I have an actual home to decorate again!

But in the midst of all the programme making, house stuff and my day job I’m still knitting. I cast on for this on Xmas day


Sorry about the poor photo quality – it was taken on my phone in very bad light, but I wanted to prove that I have been knitting! I used some small candles to hold the fabric down.

That’s the back of "Lizzy" from Jane Ellison’s "Naturally Noro" it’s knit in Noro Kureyon 153 which is a mix of purples, greens with an odd bit of peach and brown in there too. But who can understand the Noro colour choosers! And ummmm four stitches of it were knit by my boyfriend…:)