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July, 2007:

Back in Old Blighty

This is a bit of a whoops post, since I forgot to blog that I was back home! I arrived back in the UK on Saturday morning and have spent the weekend, Monday and today readjusting to British Summer Time. Tomorrow I’m back in work, ahhh the joy of the first day back after vacation!

I do have yarn to photograph and post, I just need to borrow a camera for the task.

More blogging soon plus an NYC edition of KnitCast in about two weeks time, possibly earlier depending on how I’m set.

Oh and I’ve finally updated my age in the sidebar! Had my 35th birthday on June 16th and yes I did have a yarn present! 🙂

Oh My, NY

Well it’s my final night in NYC and I’ve had a fab time! far too much to write about right now since I have to pack my cases, but I’ve met some fab knitters and made some great friends.

This trip was quite a big deal for me since for one thing it was a much needed vacation, but it was also the first time I’d ever travelled abroad on my own.

Tomorrow is my last day in the city and I fly back in the evening arriving back in the UK early Saturday. I still hope to get some shopping done tomorrow though 🙂 including another visit to the Japanese bakery that Stacey introduced me to. I have to pick up some chocolate covered green tea cakes…

I walk the earth…

Well not literally but I feel like I did today! I met up with StaceyJoy Elkin and we walked and we walked and we walked! Apparently I impressed her with my stamina but by the end of the night I was knackered!

We went to a couple of Japanese bookstores including Kinokuniya followed by the Minamoto Kitchoan bakery.

Ok I’m now too tired to type much more! So I’ll finish this tomorrow!

What time is it?

I really hate time differences. I’m very good at working out what time it is in various countries but when I experience the differences myself they always throw me off! So yesterday I arrived at my hotel, took a little break and then went to get some dinner. Came back, fell asleep and awoke at 1.30am EST! Now I have to try and see if I can get back to sleep again.

Today I’m meeting up with the lovely Staceyjoy Elkin of Red Lipstick Boutique. I was supposed to call her last night but slept through.

Something I have realised is that I won’t be able to do everything that I’d like to this week. It’s very hot here and I don’t fare too well in the heat, so I have to pace myself. Plus it does leave things to do for the next visit 🙂

It’s about 2.30am now will see if I can sleep!