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April, 2008:

2008 update & the return of KnitCast

A little update on what I’ve been up to so far in 2008.

I spent some time going back and forth to Scotland this year because I was seeing a guy up there but that fizzled out. All the while I was also still looking at houses in Cardiff. I had started to look at the area in which I grew up because I had a better chance of affording a house with room for all my yarn there 😉

But then a few weeks ago after several reports about the fall in house prices I decided to look again at houses in the part of Cardiff where I’ve lived for the past fifteen years. I thought I’d have a better chance of being able to afford one there now with the market being so bad and my not being in a chain. So one week I started looking at houses and on the Friday of that week I saw a house I liked. A week later I looked at it again. Last week I put in an offer which was accepted. Now of course it’s early days still because mortgages take a while to come through and it may not work out. But I’m trying to remain positive while still being realistic. And also while planning how I’m going to decorate!

KnitCast news now – the podcast will return in July and it’ll be the edition that I recorded in New York last July. I figure that gives me enough time to settle in the new place and get into some kind of routine.

I’ve also been struggling with a nasty cold bug this week. I started feeling unwell about a week ago and then was very ill over the weekend. I was supposed to be grocery shopping etc. and see some friends on Sunday but I was just too ill. Even the thought of shopping couldn’t tempt me! I’m still not a hundred per cent and also have a nasty cough but I hope I’ll start feeling better soon. I think I’ve just been especially run down and that the stress of buying a house hasn’t helped at all.

And so far I’ve hardly even mentioned knitting. That’s because I just haven’t been knitting recently. I do want to cast on again soon though. There’s a ball of Kyoto by Art Fibers in Orchid on my coffee table that keeps calling out to me so I hope to knit that soon. I’ll be casting my eye for patterns for summery cardis with cropped and short sleeves I think.