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October, 2008:

How long does it take to unpack a house?

A lot longer than you’d think, or, at least, a lot longer than I thought.

I had assumed, maybe that should be presumed, that it would perhaps take a few weeks but I hadn’t counted on two factors. One being just how much assorted crap I had managed to accumulate, two being laziness. You see upon being faced with the enormity of the task in hand I found myself opting for the "do anything else" or "unpack only what I really need" options and watching the telly!

In other news, the downstairs of my house is relatively unpacked now since I had some visitors last weekend who needed space so that they could sleep. However, upstairs is jam packed now with boxes and other crap 🙁

In further news my dental crown came out Tuesday night thanks to a toffee. If I’m really unlucky dentist says it’ll cost £300 to put right 🙁 I’m hoping the alternative cheaper options will work. I currently have what feels like Polyfiller type putty blocking the "enormous hole", that’s a direct quote from my dentist, that the crown was filling.

Good news – I will be going to the Knitting & Stitching Show next week 🙂 And, I’ll be recording some interviews for KnitCast. No, really, it really is returning to the podways. So that means I’ll be curing RSS feeds all over again! Oh joy…