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January, 2009:

Pushkin – RIP

Sad news my friends, my Pushkin has gone. I can’t write much right now, I’m still too upset but such is the modern world that it’s easier to tell people here quickly rather than lots of calls etc.

I’m not sure what happened to him, the person who found him thought he’d been hit by a car. He looks beautiful still though, just like he’s napping.

Work were great and let me leave early and the bf has finished his work early to come and be with me.

It’s really weird though because I’d seen a friend’s kitten – she’d had problems finding a home for it – on Saturday and had fallen in love with him. I’d had these ideas that Pushkin would teach him to hunt, but it’s not to be. I’m still going to have the kitten – he’s going to be called Oscar – but I’ll still miss my Push.

Pushkin on the Daybed

Pushkin snoozing on my daybed back in 2007