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August, 2009:

Almost at halfway point…

I did wonder if I might finish the mini sweater over the weekend but that was a bit over ambitious. I’m sure I could have if I hadn’t been doing other things as well, sleeping etc.
As it happens I was nearing the stage when you take it off the needles and on to scrap yarn and try it on when I noticed a problem. A dropped edge stitch.

Now I can fix dropped stitches no problem but this one was pesky so I ended up frogging three rows so that I could fix it properly. Everything else I did to it just looked weird.
When I got to the fitting phase I hoped that I wouldn’t have to do too much but I need to add a few rows.

I really want to finish this soon. I also think I’ll need some extra yarn since I’ve nearly used one skein and only have one more left. So I’ll have to think of what I have to edge it.
I wound the second skein into a ball on Saturday and it was so lovely to use my umbrella swift again. I just need to locate the clamp that goes with my yarn winder. I had to wind the yarn three times before I had decent ball rather than a weird UFO shaped one…

Oh, and while I was knitting today, Doug was busy sewing a dress for me at his sewing machine. He reckons that this is a pretty unusual situation amongst couples and I think he’s probably right. What do you think?

Almost at halfway point...

More knitting…

There’s been some more knitting…

Minisweater 2

And a bit of a closeup.


Not the greatest of pics but my iPhone serves me well sometimes.

I think I’m on about row 10 now. I did some more work on it at lunch but haven’t done a row count since before then. Think I’m getting close to the point of dividing it into back, fronts and sleeves. How exciting πŸ™‚

As always, my mind is jumping ahead to the next project. I have a plethora of unfinished projects and I came across a few of them the other night when I was looking for yarn. So, I could turn to one of those next. Hmmmm but there’s also the gorgeous Art Fibers Kyoto in Orchid, a lovely,Β  luminous purple silk and kid mohair mix which would look fab as a fitted cardi.

I realised that Emma has yet to make her debut on the blog, so here she is….

Emma stool

Look at those big eyes!

That pic is a couple of months old so she’s bigger now. I had her as kitten from a friend who thought she was a boy. I’d always wanted to name a black cat Oscar so when I realised she was female it took a while to come with a name for her. She’s actually the only female cat I’ve ever had. She was named Emma after Emma Peel of The Avengers. She’s very tenacious but also very cute. πŸ™‚ She likes yarn too much though. She enjoys playing with it!

The pull of the yarn…

It’s been a while since I’ve picked up my needles. Even my work colleagues have mentioned it. I’ve done some sewing on a dress but it wasn’t that successful. More on that in another blog, this is about knitting.

For the last few days I found that I was really missing knitting and I had one of those pangs to create something. Why wasn’t I knitting before? A number of things, lack of time, yarn still all packed up, yarn room an enormous mess. I really need a little pink cardi andΒ  yesterday I found myself thinking that I’d quite like to make one of Stefanie Japel’s Mini Sweaters. I even found myself idly thinking of button combinations.

After work, and after being egged on by Doug, I clambered into the craft room – and that’s not an exaggeration, it really is that full! – and almost immediately found the pattern in a file. Then I had to find yarn. I was thinking of using some bright fuchsia Lamb’s Pride worsted that I bought while out shopping with Rachael and Mariko years ago. Found it but it was in skeins and I couldn’t find my ball winder. πŸ™ Fail.

Then I went delving through still-taped-up boxes and discovered yarn from various trips. Eventually I had assembled enough yarn to make about five mini sweaters… But I decided to go with Colinette Skye in Alizarina. I have two skeins of it and guess that I’ll probably need to finish off with another yarn. I may have wound up some Lamb’s Pride by then.

I cast on last night and this is how much I had done by this lunchtime.

13 Aug 2009

I’ve knit more of course since then, even have the stitch markers in place. I’d like to have this finished by next week. Just need to continue making the time for it.