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March, 2011:

Totoro Waits for the Cat Bus…

but finds that it’s strangely uncooperative…


I don't care what that is, I'm still ignoring that radiator shelf you bought me...


No, he still can’t get a lift anywhere beyond this chair…

Yeah, I'm still ignoring it.


If you’re mystified as to whom Totoro is then check out this trailer…

Knitting & Daffodils

It’s St David’s Day today so here’s an obligatory shot of some daffs I have in a vase

Daff close-up

and some more

More daffs close-up

They are the national flower of Wales but they’re also one of my faves. I particularly love the cute little Narcissus ones and always have a few pots of them. This year I have about six pots in the garden. Some of them were destined to go into the tubs in my front garden but I’ve not yet had the energy to plant them. They’ll get in there ready for next year though.

I have managed to knit one thing while I’ve been ill. It’s the Starving Artist hat by Laura of The KnitGirllls videocast.

Starving Artist with Flash

Starving Artist - Close up with Flash

This is a great pattern and very easy. Normally I could have made one in a day but this one took about four days. It’s currently in my study, laying on a towel blocking on a dinner plate.

Blocked Starving Artist with flash


It seems a bit big. I should have gone down a needle size while knitting but couldn’t find my 6.5mm needles. I really like the colour and the yarn – It’s an odd skein of Colinette Graffiti in Alzarine topped up with a tiny bit of Colinette Skye (worsted/aran weight yarn) in the same shade. The ribs make it look a bit like the spines of a sea urchin to me. Once it’s finished blocking I’ll try it on again, I hope it’s not too loose.

Starving Artist Blurry

Blurry close-up

Elizabeth Gilbert on Creativity…

I saw the film that was based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s book “Eat, Pray, Love” last week and I didn’t like it at all. I had approached it as mindless fluff which helped while viewing it but after seeing it I immediately thought of Mark Kermode’s short review – “Eat, Pray, Love. Vomit“.

But of course that doesn’t mean that the book itself has no worth and although I’ve not read it, what I have seen of Elizabeth Gilbert herself, I’ve liked. Including this talk on creativity that she gave to the Ted Conference a couple of years ago.

It’s very funny and insightful and I like the idea of trying to manage your creativity if it descends on you at an inconvenient time. Whether that actually works though, I don’t know. I’ll tell you when I try it!