KnitCast 27 – Woolly Wormhead

(I’m releasing this early so that no one misses out on the free pattern if they pre-order the book)

I chat to designer Woolly Wormhead about a multitude of things including her new book “Twisted Woolly Toppers”, how she got her name, and her love of hats.

KnitCast 27 – Woolly Wormhead

Twisted Woolly Toppers

Tricable – Free until 21st March with the book.


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Show Notes

Woolly’s website

Woolly’s Blog

Tricable is free with pdf and paperback purchases of Twisted Woolly Toppers until March 21st

KnitPicks Independent Designer Program

Rollin’ Beret

Wormhead’s Hats Ravelry group
Woolly on Twitter

Knitcast Ravelry group – coming soon


  1. Lisa says:

    Hi Marie, I’m finally getting around to listening to the latest episode. Terrific as always. One thing I’ve noticed since I listen on headphones at work, it seems your voice comes through on one channel and the person you are interviewing on the other. Would it be possible to have both voices come through both channels? I know zero about podcasting and don’t know how it would be done. I just know I sometimes have to listen with only one earphone in and then I miss half the conversation.

  2. Marie Irshad says:

    Hi Lisa. Which episodes are you having that issue with? Is it all the episodes or only the most recent editions?

  3. Marie Irshad says:

    Lisa, I think I know what the problem is. I think this is something that’s just happening with the newer editions – ie 26 and 27 – which were recorded from Skype using Pamela. It looks like Pamela records one voice to left channel and one to the right channel.

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