KnitCast 31 – Lucy Neatby

Lucy Neatby talks to me about colour, TNNA, knitting bubbles and teaching knitting over the ship’s radio while at sea.

KnitCast 31 – Lucy Neatby

Bubbles Scarf

Hugs and Kisses scarf

The Lucy Kuku doll

Show Notes

Lucy’s website

Lucy’s blog

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Fleece artist


Kate Gilbert

Franklin Habit

Knitter’s Review

The music used for the KnitCast theme is called Knit Away by Stephen Wheel. Thanks Stephen!

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  2. Nathalie says:

    Thanks for this lovely podcast, it was really nice to hear Lucy Neatly, I love her work and the extracts I have seen of her dvds look really interesting. It’s a pity it’s so hard to get them in Europe.

    I’ll give you one more reason to make pdf available : there is no shipping fees, which can really be a problem when you live outside North America.
    I live in France, each time I want to buy a knitting book, I have to add about $10 for shipping, very often it’s half the price of the book, and I still have to wait for about 2 to 3 weeks to get it. So eventhough I love books I am totally in favour of pdf files, it’s a great money and energy saver !

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