New KnitCast episode on way!

I recorded it yesterday and it’ll be live early next week! I’m very excited to be podcasting again and hope that you enjoy it.

KnitCast is going to be monthly and the plan is that there’ll be a new edition around the beginning of each month.

As always I’m very interested in your suggestions so if there’s someone you’d like to hear interviewed, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. If you’re interested in putting yourself forward for an interview then likewise get in touch. I don’t guarantee that I’ll be able to do so, however.

You can get in touch in several ways. You can leave a comment here. You can email me – feedback AT, remembering to replace the AT for an @ symbol. You can contact me via Ravelry my username there is knitcast. I’m also on Twitter and have accounts for KnitCast and my personal account. If you just want news of the latest episode then just follow KnitCast. If you want my personal tweets also then follow both if you wish :) And of course there’s my knitting blog

Older episodes – I’m redesigning this site but the old eps are still all here. The RSS feed is fixed and some of the editions that have been a little harder to find in iTunes are now back there.


  1. Lisa Risager says:

    Lovely news! Thanks for coming back <3

  2. Margaret says:

    Fantasic – I have missed the programming

  3. AnnP says:

    Good news! You have been missed.

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