KnitCast 26 – Rachael Herron

Writer Rachael Herron tells me How To Knit a Love Song. That’s the title of her first book which is released around the world from March 2nd. We talk writing, knitting, blogging and also reminisce…

KnitCast 26 – Rachael Herron

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Show Notes

How To Knit A Love Song

Yarn-A-Go-Go – Rachael’s blog

Rachel’s Twitter

NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month – Searchable database of literary agents

Writers Market

Pens Fatales – The Femmes Fatales of Fiction

Romancing The Yarn – Authors in Search of the Perfect Yarn


  1. bethini says:

    Welcome back, Marie! I’ve really missed KnitCast, and this is a great return!

  2. Philhellene says:

    Hi Marie,
    Like Bethini said, I had missed Knitcast and this is a fab comeback episode.
    Now I want to read Rachael’s book!
    I’m also looking forward to listening to your upcoming guests.
    Your podcast is excellent, thank you for doing it.

  3. Connie says:

    Marie, I’m thrilled at your return. I’ve had you on my Itunes all this time, and what a nice first podcast.

  4. MaryjoO says:

    wow — welcome back! Found out you were “back” from Dawn on her Knit Naturally podcast. Can’t wait to catch up, and I’m sure your guest interviews will be fabulous~

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