I’m a journalist and have been working in broadcasting for nearly twenty years. When I first heard about podcasting back in late 2004 I knew I had to create one about knitting. And so in February 2005 the first edition of KnitCast was born. Back then it was the first podcast about knitting but it wasn’t long before others began to put down their knitting and pick up a microphone.

There’ve been a few breaks in podcasting but KnitCast has been back on a regular basis since March 2010. I tend to keep the format fairly simple, sticking to interviews with designers and others involved in the knitting world.

I’m just exploring my love of knitting and even greater love of the creative process. I like to know what makes my fellow crafters tick. What drives them to create. So far, it doesn’t appear to be something that I’ve come even close to being bored of finding out.