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I now have an AudioBoo account & will post boos when I can. Go here to listen to my boos and also to subscribe to them.

I’m at I Knit today & hope to record some interviews while I’m there. They’ll be uploaded to AudioBoo :)

Dealing with Comment Spammers

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My blogs have been subject to attacks from spammers over the past
five days. Their comments didn't make it to the publishing stage
because TypePad has been excellent at recognising spam. However, I have
comment notification by email and was getting all of the spammy
comments that way. There were so many of them hogging my email that I
couldn't find actual emails that people had sent which was really

As a result of all this I've had to close comments
and trackbacks on all of my blog posts for both blogs. I'm only going
to enable comments for recent posts in the future. Sadly, this is
something that I'm going to just have to keep an eye on in the future.
This has been cross posted to SpaceCraft.

Testing, testing…

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One, two, three…

New edition on way :)

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A little something from my trip to the Knitting and Stitching Show. I just have to remember how to update my RSS feed etc. Expect this sometime over the weekend :)

Breaking News…KnitCast will be at the Knitting & Stitching Show Alexandra Palace

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Cross posted from my blog at Scifiville. Good news – I will be going to the Knitting & Stitching Show next
week :) I’m doing some stuff for my dayjob but will also be recording some interviews for KnitCast. No,
really, it really is returning to the podways. So that means I’ll be
curing RSS feeds all over again! Oh joy…

KnitCast Returns in July!

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To see what I’ve been up to in the meantime, visit my personal blog.

Where’s KnitCast?

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KnitCast is still delayed, mainly because at the moment I’m in New York on vacation! Pop over to my personal knitting blog for New York updates.

KnitCast Update!

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This would have been available earlier Friday but have I mentioned how much I dislike writing my RSS feed?!

When exactly is KnitCast coming back and what’s coming up? Take a listen!

KnitCast Update

To save your hard drive – right-click on the link and choose "save
link" if using a PC, or hold down the mouse button and choose "save to
disk" if using a Mac.
Save it to a folder where you can easily find it. Please consult your software help files, eg iTunes, to find out how to add the file to your music library or put it on your iPod.

If you have a podcast aggregator like iPodder or iPodderX you can subscribe to KnitCast using this feed – If you have iTunes you can subscribe by searching for KnitCast in the podcast section of the iTunes store and clicking on "subscribe".
Please read the help files of these programs if you have problems subscribing.

Subscribing gets you the latest edition downloaded automatically to
your computer. You can access older editions by manually downloading
them from the archives.

Show Notes

Send your NYC suggestions to (remember to replace AT with @ to remove spam trap) If you’ve emailed that address before and had a "This mail box is full message", I’ve now fixed that.

All suggestions on RSS feed generators accepted – (I use an Apple Mac btw). I’ll probably try Libsyn’s one first and see how that goes. At the moment I’m writing it sort of manually-ish and having issues. There must be a better, easier way!

Such A Bad Podcaster…

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Yes this is a little addition to the post on my personal blog.

Firstly, yes there will be a new edition of KnitCast this month.

Secondly, I’m going on holiday to New York City in July and hope to record some interviews while I’m there! I’ll be there for the first
week of July and I have some ideas for interviews and I’ll be
contacting people soon about those. However I do want to leave the
majority of my trip for shopping! It’ll be my third visit to NYC and my
second trip to the Garment District. I’m really looking forward to it!
Let’s hope I don’t go over my baggage weight allowance on the way home!

If You Missed Wales in Stitches

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You can still hear it online on demand at . Just go to Listen Live or Listen Online on the page, click one of those links and then scroll down until you find Wales in Stitches. It should hopefully remain there until Wed 21st March.

Just a reminder again that the programme is available via streaming Real Media, not as a podcast, so you’ll need Real Player to hear it.