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A Dark Day

I remember the IRA bomb attacks and was in London near Soho when a nail bomb went off, but today has been really difficult. The radio programme I work on switched into rolling news mode and even after tens years spent in newsrooms it was still pretty horrible to see that image of a London bus with its roof torn off.

I was especially relieved to speak to my aunt and other friends in London and find out that they were safe.

Not much knitting done by me today. Glad to see that Kerrie, Polly and others are alright.

You Know When You're Involved in Too Many Yarn Swaps…

…when you dream that you’re yarn swapping with Al Franken! This was very bizarre, but in my dream although Al was sending me yarn he didn’t knit himself. No idea if I was sending him yarn, tea or whatever.

So, am I involved in too much yarn swapping Theresa and Becky?! I don’t think so! 🙂