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Meet Charlie…

The newest addition to the household

He’s the same age as Billie but is a little larger in size. I wondered how they’d get on together and at first there was a great deal of hissing from Charlie. Billie on the other hand was very curious about him.


It took a day and a half but eventually they decided that they liked each other.


It is so nice to have a multi cat household again. I’m not planning on expanding beyond two, but they seem a lot happier than Emma was as a solitary kitten.

This time next week I’ll be deep in Nanowrimo.


As usual I’m both looking forward to it as well as being rather scared! I really have no idea how I’ll do this year.

Eleven Years Ago Today…

I blogged for the very first time.

It’s still rather strange to think of old Space Craft is. Scifiville is even older, I bought the domain back in June 2000.


So I’ve made some new aquistions


I picked this up in my local Aldi for about £2.50 I think.



It contains this assortment of various sewing thingies


Perfect if you’re like me and have to have more than three of everything. 🙂

I’ve had the same pair of fabric scissors for thirteen years and unfortunately they had an untimely death recently. But really, I probably should have replaced them earlier.

I bought these at the same time as the sewing tin and I have no idea how good they’ll be.



I’m visiting Helen this weekend and as well looking forward to seeing her my thoughts are also turning to which knitting project I’ll check with me. I’ll probably elect for something fairly simple and mindless. But the dilemma is whether is to start something new or take an existing project. I’ve not yet decided…




Snow snooze

Very quick post today as unfortunately I’m not well at the moment. Hence the absence of crafty activities to document.

You might have heard that we had a lot of snow in South Wales on Friday. I’m not a big fan of snow and neither is Emma.

So here’s a pic of Emma disliking the snow


You can see just how far she got from the paw prints in the snow! As I type Emma’s hanging out on the radiator. One of her favourite places in the world. And there’s no snow on it.

Meanwhile, why don’t you check out The Scrumptious Collection Volume 2 by Fyberspates? 9 stunning patterns which you can order now.

It was the Night Before Christmas and the needles were not silent…

I’m so glad that my Christmas gift knitting is over. It was really up to the wire and I won’t be doing that again!


I can’t tell you what I knit as some friends have yet to open their presents but I did start knitting myself one on Sunday night


All I can say is that I’m making it in Cascade 220 Worsted yarn



It’s cold so Emma has been hanging out by the radiator. She doesn’t understand that now she’s four she’s a lot bigger than she was as a kitten and can’t drape herself across it as she used to. She’s convinced that she’s still exactly the right size for it. I’ve tried getting her to use one of those radiator hanging beds but she insists that she hates them and they’re not the same as her draping. So there.

Merry Xmas, everyone.

A Write Maniac…

This is one of those days when I’m so incredibly relieved that I wrote the majority of this blog yesterday.  I’m currently in a nanowrimo induced walking coma.  You see, I was away this weekend visiting the lovely Jeni of Fyberspates and having a fantastic catch-up with her. I did manage to write 2000 words while I was away but there were still more to go last night. Tonight I have passed the 10k mark. I would be incredibly pleased if I wasn’t so exhausted!

Now to the crafty and visity stuff.

I had to rip my last project. I’d doubled two strands of worsted to knit a chunky pattern and had created a yarn that was far too thick. So it was basically a bit like knitting with cardboard and the resulting fabric wasn’t that dissimilar to cardboard either! So rip rip it went and I’m now knitting in Scrumptious chunky instead. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait until next week for pictures.

Jeni introduced me to the crack that is Burford Garden Centre. This place has magical properties over your wallet. It will effortlessly divest it of cash.

I bought some bulbs! Blue tulips and giant Alliums. Hopefully I’ll avoid what happened the last time I bought blue tulips. I bought some from a stall at the flower market in Amsterdam, planted them in some nice pots and then forgot about them. It must have been at least a year later when I remembered the blue tulips and realised that I’d not seen a single one. However I did have loads of yellow ones! Hopefully this lot will come up blue.

The mobile signal around Jeni’s cottage is non existent so my battery was eaten up quite quickly as it searched for a signal. As a result I didn’t take any pictures of Jeni’s unit and the many wonderful yarns inside.  Instead I offer you some pictures of Minty, Jeni’s lovely black and white cat sleeping before the fire in her cottage.


Minty is very fond of the wood burner.



New Blog – In progress

Not a great amount to blog this week. The Lucky Cat earrings aren’t yet finished.



That’s them residing inside one of my jewellery finding drawers. I’ve capped them with little silver beads and am considering adding a clear crystal on top before I attach them to the ear hooks.

Knittingwise I’ve got a few more rows on She’s Electric done this week. I still want to finish it before the end of the month so that I can brace myself for when the madness that is Nanowrimo begins.

To make up for the lack of crafty pix here’s a cute picture of Emma. I don’t get to take many photos of her since she’s usually so busy but here she is paused on the bed after a tummy tickle. 🙂



New Blog – Secret Hat and Sad Goodbyes

Remember my secret knitting? Well, it has transformed into this


It’s the cat version of the Unbelievably Simple Baby Hat pattern by Laurene Hildebrandt

Here’s a better photo of it.


I showed it to colleagues at work who thought it looked like Hello Kitty 🙂 This was a present for my friend Amy. Although it’s obviously not directly for Amy herself, I made Meret for Amy and she’s very pleased with it. It looks perfect on her  🙂

I’ve still not cast on for the Camden Cap but I am finishing off She’s Electric which has been percolating for a while 🙂

Andy rang me me in the week with some sad news. Our old black cat Sabre, who still lived with Andy, had had to be put down. Sabey was very old and hadn’t been well for a while.

Sabey, you’ll be much missed.

Making Monday – Building a PC

Doug’s main PC blew up last week

Smoking is bad for your PC health

So I built him a new one on Saturday.

He’d ordered some parts from Scan (the “it’s a no brainer” bundle) which were packed in an enormous box


With Erebus the cat for scale



Case, motherboard, memory, power supply, hard disk and processor unboxed


This is a lot less scary than it looks.

And the motherboard in progress. You can see that I’ve already fitted the processor and the fan that keeps it from overheating. I had been a bit nervous about installing the processor but it was easy

In fact the hardest part of the whole build was getting the damn metal panel that frames the connectors into the PC case. It’s always the worst job.


Ooh 6 USBs! 😉 (or is it 8?)

There was no pesky software installation to contend with either as the solid state drive with Windows 7 on it from the burnt PC was undamaged.

However, I’m now really jealous of Doug’s new PC. I can’t justify building a new one for myself until next year but I’m already planning what elements I might put in it.

After the PC was built we went to a local Vintage Fair where I bought a sewing pattern. It’s too dark to photograph now so it’ll have to wait until the next post 🙂

Totoro Waits for the Cat Bus…

but finds that it’s strangely uncooperative…


I don't care what that is, I'm still ignoring that radiator shelf you bought me...


No, he still can’t get a lift anywhere beyond this chair…

Yeah, I'm still ignoring it.


If you’re mystified as to whom Totoro is then check out this trailer…

Cats & Yarn Video