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Playing Catchup

I’ve been meaning to blog for ages. I like to plan my entries and have had a few planned but not got around to posting. But less of what I’ve not been doing.Let’s move onto what I have been doing. Firstly, there’s a new edition of Knitcast out! This time I interview Lee Meredith of […]

My Blue Arbour

I love the colour blue in a garden and when Doug said he wanted to get me an arbour for my birthday, I knew exactly what colour I would paint it. It’s been a work in progress for a while. The staining, with one of Cuprinol’s garden shades, took ages and we still missed little […]

Pinballs or what I did on Sunday…

In a departure from my usual writing about things like knitting, sewing, cooking etc. I’m going to talk to you about pinball since I took part in a pinball tournament last Sunday. I got into pinball through Doug, it’s one of his passions and he has five pinball machines in his house. When we were […]

Busy Baking

So, the first non-bank-holiday day of my week off and I’ve been editing this month’s KnitCast and doing some baking. For years I yearned of making large, moist, chewy  chocolate chip cookies.They’re easy to find in stores etc. but I wanted to make them at home. A friend of mine went to work in the […]

Yarn from Far Places…

My paper copy of Northern Knits by Lucinda Guy arrived on Monday and while thumbing through it I remembered that I wanted to knit the cover design, the lovely and delicate looking Pia laceweight Pullover. It uses Ullcentrum Öland One Thread Yarn, which is a lace weight of course and is literally one thread, no […]

Garden Makeover in Progress…

Before I rediscovered knitting I had another obsession – gardening. I would tend to my garden daily and grew all sorts of things from seed. And then the yarn came a calling and gardening slowly fell off my radar. I was still interested in plants, it just wasn’t an all consuming obsession. Last year I […]

It’s done…

I just closed my Typepad account. It was really weird. I’d been with them since 2004 so it’s a bit of an end of era. I knew I had to do it simply because I couldn’t afford them anymore and it was silly having an account with them while I also had webspace and a […]

I Knit & Audio Boo

We’re currently on the train to London for I Knit. Should be interesting! I’ve created an AudioBoo account you can follow me & subscribe to my recordings here Hopefully I’ll be recording some Boos at I Knit today We’re currently on the train to London for I Knit. Should be interesting! I’ve created an […]

2008 update & the return of KnitCast

A little update on what I’ve been up to so far in 2008. I spent some time going back and forth to Scotland this year because I was seeing a guy up there but that fizzled out. All the while I was also still looking at houses in Cardiff. I had started to look at […]

KnitCast Update!

Head on over to KnitCast and download the new update mp3. It’s only a short file but a listener eons ago suggested that I record one so that people who only subscribed but didn’t read the blog knew where I was. I realised a couple of days ago that I couldn’t remember when I’d last […]