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Lotus Tunic

Making Monday – Earrings and The Spice Boys

The weather has been far too hot for much making but I’ve made some progress on my Lotus Tunic dress


Lotus Tunic front folded

That’s the front view and it looks a bit strange because I’ve had to fold the middle panel a little to take the picture.  I still have to cut, sew and attach the lining. Then attach the sleeves and hem.

I organised a bit of making last week by having my friends Karen and Hannah over for a crafty evening. I let them loose on my bead collection and they each made a pair of earrings.


Hannah’s zuni bear earrings


Hannah fell for the turquoise loveliness of my zuni bears while Karen was enchanted by some of my Czech glass beads.

Karen’s double heart drop earrings

I think we’ll be doing this again but maybe it’ll be another craft next time. Sewing maybe?

With the weather veering between tropical showers and sweltering heat I’ve barely touched my garden but I have got some seedlings.

The Spice Boys

As you can see the seedlings are different colours. This seed mixture is called The Spice Boys mix and it took me far longer to get that joke than it should have!

I love basil but I never have any success growing it. The last time I tried slugs munched their way through it all. But my love of fresh pesto keeps me persevering.  This time I’m keeping the seedlings on the kitchen window sill. They still face the threat of white fly but I’m hoping that my venus fly traps and other carnivorous plant will help fend that off. I can but hope!

Making Monday – Acquisitions

My Lotus tunic is still in progress. The darts are done and the zip is in so that’s the back of the tunic finished. I intended to sew the front during the Olympics Closing Ceremony but found myself watching rather than sewing. I did join one of the side fronts but I don’t think I’ve sewn the curve very well so it’s now waiting for the seam ripper.

I met up with the lovely Magpie Mimi today for a spot of fabric shopping,  tea drinking and cake eating. We succeeded on all fronts.

In John Lewis I gave in and bought 2 metres of this chiffon which was reduced to half price at £6 a metre.

Navy random dots

The roll was 145cm wide so I have  lot of fabric towards a future project. I’ve been meaning to buy some chiffon for ages as so many of my fave store bought dresses are made from it. I am a little intimidated by the prospect of sewing it – I see a lot of french seams in my future – but hopefully it won’t be too bad.


Magpie Mimi gave me this beautiful cross stitch cherry button that she’d made.

Cherry button

she knows me well 🙂


I’d been meaning to buy one of her bird rings for ages

Bluebird ring

I’m also having a pair of bird earrings made to match 🙂 Her etsy shop is here if you’d like to check out her fab stuff. There are better photos on her site. I was in a rush tonight so mine are’t great!

Making Monday – Lotus Tunic

I finally got around to cutting out my fabric for the Amy Butler lotus tunic on Saturday night. I’d meant to do it earlier in the day but I decided that my craft room needed a little reorganising. Ok, it was partly procrastination but it was necessary.

I also wanted to be able to watch streaming tv and DVDs on my iMac while I worked. This required a lot of fumbling around with the position of my router downstairs because my wifi doesn’t stretch to the craft room. I now have a weak signal in there but it’s not enough to watch iPlayer. So I’m probably going to have to extend the network which is annoying as it means buying more kit.

Anyway, after all that I didn’t sew a stitch until tonight. I’m currently working on the darts on the back panels. The pattern instructions are great but I still hate sewing darts.


Darts pinned in place before sewing


Yes, I know I’m posting on a day that isn’t Monday! 😉 I’ve realised that I seem to work better when I challenge myself. In my day job I have deadlines all the time but after last year’s Nanowrimo I realised that challenges and deadlines work well in my crafty life too.

Back in February on the tenth anniversary of this blog I decided to blog every Monday for a year. So far I’ve met that test but I feel I need another commitment craft wise particularly for sewing.

So I’m pledging to sew at least one garment every month. That might be anything from a top to a dress. It also doesn’t mean successfully making something. I’ve lost a lot of my sewing confidence over the years and this is the best way to get it back. Case in point, I have the week off to focus on craftiness and I have yet to cut into any fabric.

I have, however, cut into paper. The paper pattern to make this –



Amy Butler’s Lotus Tunic. I bought the pattern after seeing Magpie Mimi’s fabulous version in the flesh last year. It was so good I hadn’t realised that she’d made it herself. You’ll recognise the white cherries from the last dress I made – not a success unfortunately. I found the pink cherries in FabricLand this week and although it’s not in one 3 metre length as I’d have wished – it was the end of the roll and they only had a 1m piece and a 1.5m piece – I’m hoping it’ll work. The main body of the dress will be the pink cherries with the white used for the shoulder panels and edge of sleeve caps. I’ll be making a start on it today 🙂