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It’s done…

I just closed my Typepad account. It was really weird. I’d been with them since 2004 so it’s a bit of an end of era. I knew I had to do it simply because I couldn’t afford them anymore and it was silly having an account with them while I also had webspace and a […]

New KnitCast plus tidying and updating

Earlier today I recorded the first new KnitCast for nearly three years. It’ll go live next week and just needs a little editing. I’m quite excited about it Had a few technical hitches but my interviewee was delightful and didn’t seem to mind too much. For recording I’m using Pamela which records Skype conversations. I […]

Moving to WordPress

Well, I’ve just begun the process of moving my blog over to WordPress. Still a lot to do. I have to pick a design since it’s currently sporting the default WP look. I also have to redesign the other pages on and work out some sort of system of having those links permanently in […]