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It’s done…

I just closed my Typepad account. It was really weird. I’d been with them since 2004 so it’s a bit of an end of era. I knew I had to do it simply because I couldn’t afford them anymore and it was silly having an account with them while I also had webspace and a domain name. Hence my move to self hosted WordPress blogs. I’ve been busy all week making sure that the links on my archives and images were up to date. It wasn’t too bad, well, aside from the sore neck I developed from concentrating!,  but it wasn’t seamless either.

One of my concerns about leaving Typepad was about my urls, particularly the address for KnitCast snce it appears that the typepad url had even been published in books. But TypePad really are good guys. Even when you close down a paid Pro account with them you get to keep one blog for free. And your old urls redirect to that free blog. So I’ve now got a “these blogs have moved” post that’ll stay up there longer than the 28th of this month when my paid account was going to lapse. That’s great as even if people go to the wrong address they’ll still be able to find their way to this blog and to Knitcast. And with the new KnitCast all edited and uploaded and just waiting to go live on Monday, it’s very important to me that people are able to find it.

Oh, I’m still trying to find a WordPress theme that I like for the KnitCast site. Any suggestions would be welcomed. I tend to like fairly simple and clear themes.

New KnitCast plus tidying and updating

Earlier today I recorded the first new KnitCast for nearly three years. It’ll go live next week and just needs a little editing. I’m quite excited about it 🙂 Had a few technical hitches but my interviewee was delightful and didn’t seem to mind too much. For recording I’m using Pamela which records Skype conversations. I have the Pro version on free trial and think I’ll be investing in it as although it’s not the most perfect solution for me, it is pretty good.

Meanwhile my typepad account expires on the 28th so I’m rather hastily fixing links in my new WordPress blogs. Am concentrating on the new KnitCast blog at the moment since that has fewer posts. I still have to create a new Knit One, Build One gallery though. Think that’ll happen tomorrow evening with the updating of links and images on this blog happening slowly through the week. It’s a lot of work but it won’t be so bad once it’s done.

And after that’s all sorted it’ll be time to turn my attentions back to the garden – vegetable growing and sorting out the wall Doug knocked down for me. Very busy!

Moving to WordPress

Well, I’ve just begun the process of moving my blog over to WordPress.

Still a lot to do. I have to pick a design since it’s currently sporting the default WP look. I also have to redesign the other pages on and work out some sort of system of having those links permanently in here. Oh and then to slurp the images from typepad over to here. Then I need to move the KnitCast blog and get that awful RSS feed working. Wish I could move my earlier Blogger entries over here but I can’t find my password for that and the prompt sent a password reminded to an old email address which I no longer have access to. 🙁

Meanwhile…I am still knitting. I cast off the body of my mini sweater last week and am working on the sleeves. sadly the sleeves will require some juggling since I am running out of yarn. My ininial intention was to finish the sleeves off in the hot pink but there isn’t enough of it so I will have to undo what I’ve knit in the pink and knit some in what remains of the main body colour. And there isn’t much of that left so it’s going to be tricky!