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New Blog – In progress

Not a great amount to blog this week. The Lucky Cat earrings aren’t yet finished.



That’s them residing inside one of my jewellery finding drawers. I’ve capped them with little silver beads and am considering adding a clear crystal on top before I attach them to the ear hooks.

Knittingwise I’ve got a few more rows on She’s Electric done this week. I still want to finish it before the end of the month so that I can brace myself for when the madness that is Nanowrimo begins.

To make up for the lack of crafty pix here’s a cute picture of Emma. I don’t get to take many photos of her since she’s usually so busy but here she is paused on the bed after a tummy tickle. ūüôā



New Blog – Lucky Cats

I went to a craft supplies fair on Saturday with my friends Karen and Hannah. Sadly there were no stalls selling yarn but plenty were selling beads and I found a couple with fabric.


The red is what feels like a poly cotton mix. It was £3 a meter and I picked up 3m for a dress.

You can also see in this photo that I got a concealed zip for 50p, 3 meters of polka dot ribbon for ¬£1, some green glass crystals for ¬£2.50 which will make a bracelet and possibly some earrings,¬†ballerina¬†charms to make into stitch markers, some little “hand made” charms to add to things that I make and two little lucky cat beads.


A close up of the ribbon and ballerina. I don’t tend to be¬†attracted¬†to¬†ballerina¬†things really but they were quite big charms and looked like they’d make some sturdy stitch markers.


Bit of a blurred close-up of the¬†maneki neko, lucky cat, beads. They’re going to became a very happy pair of earrings. I just adore¬†maneki neko and have a small¬†collection¬†of them in my house.


And this is rather over exposed close up of the colour work in She’s Electric. It’s going rather slowly but steadily as I only ever seem to knit one or two rows an evening. I’d like to finish it this month but although I love the colour it doesn’t seem to inspire me. Too much startitus I think!

Making Monday – Earrings and The Spice Boys

The weather has been far too hot for much making but I’ve made some progress on my Lotus Tunic dress


Lotus Tunic front folded

That’s the front view and it looks a bit strange because I’ve had to fold the middle panel a little to take the picture.¬†¬†I still have to cut, sew and attach the lining. Then attach the sleeves and hem.

I organised a bit of making last week by having my friends Karen and Hannah over for a crafty evening. I let them loose on my bead collection and they each made a pair of earrings.


Hannah’s zuni bear earrings


Hannah fell for the turquoise loveliness of my zuni bears while Karen was enchanted by some of my Czech glass beads.

Karen’s double heart drop earrings

I think we’ll be doing this again but maybe it’ll be another craft next time. Sewing maybe?

With the weather veering between tropical showers and¬†sweltering¬†heat I’ve barely touched my garden but I have got some seedlings.

The Spice Boys

As you can see the seedlings are different colours. This seed mixture is called The Spice Boys mix and it took me far longer to get that joke than it should have!

I love basil but I never have any success growing it. The last time I tried slugs munched their way¬†through it all. But my love of fresh pesto keeps me persevering.¬† This time I’m keeping the seedlings on the kitchen window sill. They still face the threat of white fly but I’m hoping that my venus fly traps and other carnivorous plant will help fend that off. I can but hope!

10th Blogiversary and Competition!

I can barely believe it but this blog is ten years old! Ten years ago I was obsessed with knitting. It was a relatively new obsession for me as I’d only picked up my first knitting magazine, the Fall 2002 issue of Interweave Knits, a few months earlier. I couldn’t believe my luck when I found out that there were knitting blogs as well. There weren’t a great deal around back then, I remember that Chic Knits was one of my regular haunts, and I could easily catch up on them every evening.

Before knitting came into my life I’d often pondered having a blog but I’d not been too sure what I would write about. I did buy my own domain name in 2000 and hadn’t really done a geat deal with it, so having a knitting blog seemed perfect. I could write about my craft and as a bonus I’d have a record of my work too.

I still have to fix my archives so I can’t link to that first entry just yet but I do still remember the nerves I had writing that first post. Would anyone read it? The knitting blog community was small and loyal and I fit right in. Comments didn’t exist at that point so we would email other if we liked a post and I made many friends within the group. I joined the Knitting bloggers webring and got to know my neighbours. Soon we were exchanging parcels via snail mail. The friendliness of the crafty bloggers has always been a delight.

Ten years on, I still love knitting but this is more of a crafting blog despite the majority of posts being tagged “knitting”. My other loves of jewellery making and sewing have pushed back in ūüėČ It’s also been a joy to see the rise of sewing blogs. When I was first sewing in 2000 there were very fewblogs with any sewing ontent. I was so pleased to find Sew Wrong, Mena of The Sew Weekly‘s first venture in sewing blogdom. In 2012 there are countless craft related blogs to read and to be honest I do feel rather guilty because I don’t keep up with my blog reading as much as I used to. I still hope that one day I’ll catch up but somehow I don’t believe it. ūüėČ

Before I forget, something rather unexpected happened today, my gmail account was hacked. Someone got into it in the early hours of the morning and attempted to spam my address book with a link to some crappy t-shirt site. Fortunately Google’s security settings detected the hacking and stopped those emails being sent. It’s been a massive pain going and changing the passwords for all the sites I use but it’s also been a wake up call that I should have changed it more often.

But back to nicer things – to celebrate my 10th blogiversary I’ve decided to run a little competition ūüôā I’m giving away a copy of Norwegian Knitting Designs. This is the recent paperback version of Norsk Strikkedesign. I bought a hardcopy version some years ago. It’s full of amazing colour work knitting patterns and it could be yours!


You could win this!


In order to enter all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. I’ll close the comments in a month’s time and then pick the winner using a random number generator. Good luck!