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The End of the One Year Blogging Challenge plus 11 years of SpaceCraft…

So, this time last year I pledged to blog every Monday for a year. Why? Well, because my blogging had pretty much dried up. The last few years had come and gone with only a few posts to show for them. So to herald the eleventh year of this blog – yes, that’s right eleven years, I thought I would see if I could commit to writing another 52 entries.

I’ve been strict and I’ve held to it although it’s been difficult at times. Some Mondays I’ve only just managed to get the post up before midnight….

It can also be hard to generate the energy for writing. Content can also be a problem. This is primarily a crafty blog but, like everyone else, I go through periods where I’m just not doing anything crafty. That can be for a whole raft of reasons, I might just be busy with something else like my garden or decorating a room. With gardening I can take a photo and I guess I could of the room but that green paint stubbornly refuses to allow itself to be captured in pixels.

So this week I’ve been moving furniture back into my bedroom, sorting through old clothes, reading, going to the cinema and watching tv. Oh and of course working at my dayjob. I’ve looked longingly at my knitting several times but haven’t knit a stitch.

The things that I want to work on are these two cabled Ysolda berets. Both of them have been WiPs for a few years.


So hopefully I’ll be able to sit down and work a few rows on one soon.

Now that my Monday blogging challenge is at an end I probably won’t be blogging every week. I think I’ll only blog if I have something that I feel is blog worthy. I say that but I may feel differently next Monday, I may still blog then. Time will tell.

Meanwhile the indoor hyacinths are starting to bloom.




New Blog – Winter Woollys

I spent a lovely weekend with my friend Helen knitting and chatting. As a result, and including the train journey,  I got a lot done on Meret.



I’m now only 5 rows away from finishing. I had hoped to finish it on the journey back but as I decreased the harder it become to wrangle the knitting. In the confined space of a train seat I was drowning in circular needle cord and stitch markers! So it’ll have to wait until another day.

In the past week I’ve managed to procure this item for my next knitting project



It’s a 2 litre pop bottle donated by my friend Liz. I don’t tend to collect these so had to ask around at work. So why do I need the bottle? Why, for the brim of Woolly Wormhead’s Camden Cap of course! I’m taking part in the Knit Along this month but the only thing I have yet to decide on is the colour!

Don’t Forget Your Glass Slippers…

I went to the V&A on Saturday to see the gorgeous Ballgowns:British Glamour Since 1950 exhibition. It was fabulous! They had dresses from every decade so there was a great deal of variety. Some were incredibly elegant and some would have been right up Lady Gaga’s street!

Photography wasn’t allowed inside the exhibition but it was allowed at some of the other fashion displays in room 45

I spotted this lovely black & white number. It was black net with white felt polka dots.


Judging by the quality of my through-a-glass-case camerawork perhaps it would have been better if photography had been restricted there too…

I debated buying the exhibition poster but held off and picked up the accompanying book instead





You can buy the book from the V&A online shop but it’s no substitute for seeing the exhibit, however. If you can get there then go and see it. It runs until January 6th and I can’t recommend it more highly. If you wait until October 20th then you can see their Hollywood Costume exhibition as well.

I’ve been going a bit stir crazy needing some simplish knitting for accompanying tv viewing so I started another beret. This time it’s Meret the mystery beret pattern by Woolly Wormhead in some Cascade 220 Heathers  shade 2433


Beret knitting is certainly proving to be my new sock knitting in that they’re relatively easy, small and I can’t seem to get enough of them.

I also have a secretish knitting project to get done this week which should be fun. 🙂

Making Monday – Almond Comfit

An actual FO (finished object), my first in ages. It’s the Almond Comfit beret from Saturday Treat by Ysolda. It’s an usual pattern in that unlike others I’ve knit which begin at the crown or the ribbed brim, it begins at a point on the edge and the beret slowly builds up in the same way that a shawl does. In fact it was some time before it actually began to resemble a beret!

Once it did, it knit up quickly. The hardest things for me were the cast on which is in the figure 8 style – After reading comments on Ravelry I cheated and used Judy’s Magic Cast On – and grafting the last 12 stitches at the end. It was my first ever attempt at Kitchener stitch and I had to do it in two different patterns. But it was lovely to finish it and then block it on a dinner plate.

Here’s a picture of me wearing it in Cheddar Gorge yesterday.

Me wearing my new Almond Comfit beret in Cheddar Gorge

There’s a triple leaf design at the front which would have a been a bit more noticeable had I done my yarn overs properly, but I still like it. One other thing was that I knit the middle size and still had 40g of yarn left over afterwards.

We were hoping to see sweets being made at the Cheddar Gorge Sweet Kitchen but arrived too late for a demonstration. We’ll just have to go again which is fine by me as I love their choco limes! 🙂

Today was a Bank Holiday in the UK so I spent time of my time working on lining the bodice of the sweetheart dress as well as working on this – an Edinburgh Rock scarf in my remaining Empire Biscuit. I’m doing my yarn overs properly now 😉

Overexposed picture of Edinburgh Rock in Empire Biscuit in progress


Win some, you lose some

I arrived home from work today to find a parcel containing this

(adopts best Rolf Harris voice) Can you tell what it is yet?

It was my order from Cloth Kits. I checked out their site last week and couldn’t resist ordering  these lovelies

Glorious polka dot buttons

There were 40 but there was a gust of wind while I was photographing them outside and I lost one! 🙁 I now have 39. I hope to find the missing one in the garden soon! Still not 100% sure what I’m going to do with them yet but they’re so lovely, I just had to order them. I love me some polka dots.

I’ve also picked up my needles again after a bit of an absence and am now on the gusset of soxie sock 2


Apologies for the blurry pic. Once this is finished I’ll either cast on another second sock project or turn back to the Ysolda beret.

Oh, we were at the UK Pinball Party on the weekend and although we didn’t win anything, we had a great time 🙂

When knitting goes bad

So, I’ve developed a very recent addiction to knitting berets. The problem is that so far they’ve gone very wrong.

My first Rollin’ Beret from some Fyberspates Scrumptious that Jeni gave me a few years ago, was a joy to knit. That is until I finished it & found that it was more of a hat than a beret.

This is the Rollin' beret in comparison with the page boy cap I wear most days

I next cast on, using the same pattern, some Colinette Skye. I knit the medium size and was speeding along after the increases when I suddenly realised that my knitting was twisted.

Twisted knitting

There is always a risk of this happening while knitting in the round but it’s still really frustrating. It doesn’t matter how careful I am either after casting on to not twist the stitches while joining the knitting into a circle, it still happens. Happened twice with the first beret.

Now I’m deciding what to do next. Frog the silk beret and try again in a larger size? Try again in Skye? I need to be knitting something while on Radio Wales tomorrow morning so I have to decide tonight.

Well, since I originally posted this I’ve begun casting on in another Skye colourway. I wasn’t sure if I liked the one that became twisted. Hopefully I can keep this one straight but we’ll see.

Tomorrow I’m on the radio during the first hour of Jamie and Louise. It should be about 9.15, maybe just before. It’ll also be available to listen again after the broadcast on the BBC iPlayer Radio

Season's Greetings

It’s my first Christmas at Doug’s, we started seeing each other just before Christmas last year. I’m writing this on my main present from him, a HP mini netbook in pink. It’s been some years since I’ve owned a pc but we plan to have it triple booting Windows 7/Ubuntu/iDeneb. Getting there will be a little complicated to say the least, but it’ll be fab if it works.

I finally finished my mini sweater on Xmas day – photos coming soon. I had abandoned it to marinate for a bit after finding myself making the same mistakes on the final sleeve, three times in a row! I’d decided to finish it over the Xmas break since finishing is good 🙂

I have the first of a pair of socks for Doug on the needles and am going to start on an Urchin Beret today. The yarn I’m using for that was handspun for me by Jeni quite a few years ago. It’s thick and thin and in beautiful purples and turquoises – again, photos coming soon! I’ve been saving it for the “perfect project”. Not always the best thing to do because we can hung up so much on prefection that we never actually produce anything.

I don’t tend to do New Years resolutions because I feel that you should be able to make changes in your life at any time rather than just at the beginning of the year. However, next year, I’d like to use some more of the materials I’ve been hanging onto for too long. That includes cutting into the Taj Mahal tapestry fabric I bought from eQuilter a long time ago. I’m still not sure what I’ll use it for, and I think I only have a metre of it, but it’s been in my stash too long. Any suggestions on what to use it for would be gratefully received!