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New Blog – Secret Hat and Sad Goodbyes

Remember my secret knitting? Well, it has transformed into this


It’s the cat version of the Unbelievably Simple Baby Hat pattern by Laurene Hildebrandt

Here’s a better photo of it.


I showed it to colleagues at work who thought it looked like Hello Kitty 🙂 This was a present for my friend Amy. Although it’s obviously not directly for Amy herself, I made Meret for Amy and she’s very pleased with it. It looks perfect on her  🙂

I’ve still not cast on for the Camden Cap but I am finishing off She’s Electric which has been percolating for a while 🙂

Andy rang me me in the week with some sad news. Our old black cat Sabre, who still lived with Andy, had had to be put down. Sabey was very old and hadn’t been well for a while.

Sabey, you’ll be much missed.

New blog – Meret

I finished Meret on Thursday


I didn’t add any extra repeats, so there’s no slouch. I’m not sure if I’d add more slouch next time or not


We had monsoon like weather on Sunday morning but I braved it in order to get to the farmers market where I bought lots of cherry tomatos


And here they are with chopped garlic, caster sugar, basil leaves & olive oil just before they went into the oven to be roasted for sauce




They didn’t produce a massive quantity of sauce, well they were only little cherry toms after all, but it was very good. After being squeezed through a sieve the sauce was quite rich so I added some Elmlea to it. Double cream would work just as well.

New Blog – Winter Woollys

I spent a lovely weekend with my friend Helen knitting and chatting. As a result, and including the train journey,  I got a lot done on Meret.



I’m now only 5 rows away from finishing. I had hoped to finish it on the journey back but as I decreased the harder it become to wrangle the knitting. In the confined space of a train seat I was drowning in circular needle cord and stitch markers! So it’ll have to wait until another day.

In the past week I’ve managed to procure this item for my next knitting project



It’s a 2 litre pop bottle donated by my friend Liz. I don’t tend to collect these so had to ask around at work. So why do I need the bottle? Why, for the brim of Woolly Wormhead’s Camden Cap of course! I’m taking part in the Knit Along this month but the only thing I have yet to decide on is the colour!

Don’t Forget Your Glass Slippers…

I went to the V&A on Saturday to see the gorgeous Ballgowns:British Glamour Since 1950 exhibition. It was fabulous! They had dresses from every decade so there was a great deal of variety. Some were incredibly elegant and some would have been right up Lady Gaga’s street!

Photography wasn’t allowed inside the exhibition but it was allowed at some of the other fashion displays in room 45

I spotted this lovely black & white number. It was black net with white felt polka dots.


Judging by the quality of my through-a-glass-case camerawork perhaps it would have been better if photography had been restricted there too…

I debated buying the exhibition poster but held off and picked up the accompanying book instead





You can buy the book from the V&A online shop but it’s no substitute for seeing the exhibit, however. If you can get there then go and see it. It runs until January 6th and I can’t recommend it more highly. If you wait until October 20th then you can see their Hollywood Costume exhibition as well.

I’ve been going a bit stir crazy needing some simplish knitting for accompanying tv viewing so I started another beret. This time it’s Meret the mystery beret pattern by Woolly Wormhead in some Cascade 220 Heathers  shade 2433


Beret knitting is certainly proving to be my new sock knitting in that they’re relatively easy, small and I can’t seem to get enough of them.

I also have a secretish knitting project to get done this week which should be fun. 🙂