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Finishing NaNoWriMo – and now what?



As much I’ve enjoyed Nanowrimo, I especially enjoyed going over the 50,000 word mark and finishing yesterday evening.

I’m off work this week and all the way through I’d focused on finishing the writing just before so that I could properly enjoy my time off.   So I could read all the books I’d saved up, catch up on films and tv shows  etc.

And yet, as happened last year, I finished and suddenly felt that sense of disappointment that it was over. Now I can always go back to that first draft and add more to it, edit etc. But in a way it’s a bit like Christmas, you spend all of that time planning and then suddenly it’s there and it’s a bit of an anticlimax. This will pass of course, I can already feel it passing, but despite the fact that I knew it was going to happen, it’s still not something that I can avoid.

Something that I do need to avoid for a while, however, is typing since my rsi is back. So it’s just as well that I have a week off. I’ve avoided knitting today for the very same reason.

Still Writing…

…and not crafting.

My word count is currently just over 34k and I’m on leave next week. My plan was to get to the 50k late this week, certainly by the weekend so that I can do relatively little during my week off.  I’m honestly not sure if I’m going to get through the just under 16k words required by the weekend but we’ll see!


New Blog – Writing, writing, writing

Yep, I’m still writing, so much so that I even took a day off work to attempt to write 10,000 words in one day. I completed the challenge but it was incredibly hard and took me the best part of twelve hours. It also left me with RSI in my right wrist.  I had to take a day off writing after that but I’m still over the halfway mark and ahead in my word count goal which is all good. 🙂

No crafty things achieved this week unfortunately.


Before I forget, I saw Argo on Friday and very excellent it was, too. Check out the trailer



A Write Maniac…

This is one of those days when I’m so incredibly relieved that I wrote the majority of this blog yesterday.  I’m currently in a nanowrimo induced walking coma.  You see, I was away this weekend visiting the lovely Jeni of Fyberspates and having a fantastic catch-up with her. I did manage to write 2000 words while I was away but there were still more to go last night. Tonight I have passed the 10k mark. I would be incredibly pleased if I wasn’t so exhausted!

Now to the crafty and visity stuff.

I had to rip my last project. I’d doubled two strands of worsted to knit a chunky pattern and had created a yarn that was far too thick. So it was basically a bit like knitting with cardboard and the resulting fabric wasn’t that dissimilar to cardboard either! So rip rip it went and I’m now knitting in Scrumptious chunky instead. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait until next week for pictures.

Jeni introduced me to the crack that is Burford Garden Centre. This place has magical properties over your wallet. It will effortlessly divest it of cash.

I bought some bulbs! Blue tulips and giant Alliums. Hopefully I’ll avoid what happened the last time I bought blue tulips. I bought some from a stall at the flower market in Amsterdam, planted them in some nice pots and then forgot about them. It must have been at least a year later when I remembered the blue tulips and realised that I’d not seen a single one. However I did have loads of yellow ones! Hopefully this lot will come up blue.

The mobile signal around Jeni’s cottage is non existent so my battery was eaten up quite quickly as it searched for a signal. As a result I didn’t take any pictures of Jeni’s unit and the many wonderful yarns inside.  Instead I offer you some pictures of Minty, Jeni’s lovely black and white cat sleeping before the fire in her cottage.


Minty is very fond of the wood burner.



NaNoWriMo Begins….

This widget will update as my word count increases. Hopefully it will update often 😉



I’m going for a lie down now…


The word count widgets are now ready so you can see how I’ve been doing. Most days it’s just been get home, make tea and then head down writing for two hours. Some days are easier than others but I’m over the halfway point now. Just have to keep going!

Post Card from the Edge…

Wish you were here?

This is where I am at the moment, in the midst of the madness that is National Novel Writing Month. The word widgets aren’t ready yet so I can’t put up a count of my words just yet but yesterday I got up to the 11k word mark. Today the words just aren’t coming so it’s time to have a break for a bit!

In hippety hip news on Friday I had an MRI scan along with an arthrogram – basically they injected a dye into my hip joint before the mri. Not the greatest experience but at least it’s done and dusted now. Not sure when I’ll get the results but should be within six weeks. I hope.

There’s also been some knitting going on as well as some reading 🙂 But more on that in a later post I think. Now, I must eat something!


Elizabeth Gilbert on Creativity…

I saw the film that was based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s book “Eat, Pray, Love” last week and I didn’t like it at all. I had approached it as mindless fluff which helped while viewing it but after seeing it I immediately thought of Mark Kermode’s short review – “Eat, Pray, Love. Vomit“.

But of course that doesn’t mean that the book itself has no worth and although I’ve not read it, what I have seen of Elizabeth Gilbert herself, I’ve liked. Including this talk on creativity that she gave to the Ted Conference a couple of years ago.

It’s very funny and insightful and I like the idea of trying to manage your creativity if it descends on you at an inconvenient time. Whether that actually works though, I don’t know. I’ll tell you when I try it!

I Caved…

Yep, after the long post and list of reasons NOT to do NaNoWriMo this year, I completely caved and began it yesterday evening. I think it was just that the excitement of those doing it was contagious and the fact that I’d never finished any fiction writing really bothered me. The more I thought about Nano’s basic premise of it being about quantity rather than quality, of it being a chance to free yourself from the tyrannies of self editing and just write, well, the more I really wanted to do it.

Also I found that an idea I’d had for a story which I’d thought I might pursue for Nano began to grow in my mind. So yesterday evening I sat down at the computer and, almost as an experiment, started to write. And it really flowed, the idea really caught fire in my mind. And as I wrote I focused on telling the story without backing up on myself and re-reading, making corrections etc. So, I know it’s all far from perfect but that’s not the point. I’ve found writing fiction to be exciting for the first time in years. I have no idea where the story will lead since I’m really winging in on some parts but that’s what makes it such fun! And this kind of writing has pretty much never been that fun for me.

So far I’ve written about 2700 words so I have a fair of catching up to do. I have no idea if I’ll make the 50k word count since my writing is taking second place to the organising but it doesn’t matter, it’s all about having fun 🙂