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14th Blogiversary!

Oh poor neglected blog. It’s about eighteen months since I last posted. So a little catch-up: I’m still knitting, but not as much as I used to. I have an inprogress cowl from before Xmas that I haven’t picked up since then. What I am doing though, is reading. I’ve been taking part in the […]

Meet Charlie…

The newest addition to the household He’s the same age as Billie but is a little larger in size. I wondered how they’d get on together and at first there was a great deal of hissing from Charlie. Billie on the other hand was very curious about him.   It took a day and a […]

New Blog – Cowbridge Physic Garden

So, I’ve had a week off during which I relaxed, met up with friends, read a few books and caught up with some TV.  As well as that, I visited the Cowbridge Physic Garden   It’s full of medicinal herbs as well as this willow structure which was built to celebrate the Jubilee Despite it […]

Finishing NaNoWriMo – and now what?

    As much I’ve enjoyed Nanowrimo, I especially enjoyed going over the 50,000 word mark and finishing yesterday evening. I’m off work this week and all the way through I’d focused on finishing the writing just before so that I could properly enjoy my time off.   So I could read all the books […]

Still Writing…

…and not crafting. My word count is currently just over 34k and I’m on leave next week. My plan was to get to the 50k late this week, certainly by the weekend so that I can do relatively little during my week off.  I’m honestly not sure if I’m going to get through the just […]

New Blog – Writing, writing, writing

Yep, I’m still writing, so much so that I even took a day off work to attempt to write 10,000 words in one day. I completed the challenge but it was incredibly hard and took me the best part of twelve hours. It also left me with RSI in my right wrist.  I had to […]

A Write Maniac…

This is one of those days when I’m so incredibly relieved that I wrote the majority of this blog yesterday.  I’m currently in a nanowrimo induced walking coma.  You see, I was away this weekend visiting the lovely Jeni of Fyberspates and having a fantastic catch-up with her. I did manage to write 2000 words […]

NaNoWriMo Begins….

This widget will update as my word count increases. Hopefully it will update often 😉   This widget will update as my word count increases. Hopefully it will update often 😉  

New Blog – Nanowrimo, procrastination and James Bond.

It sounds like a strange 1960s team-up show, I know. But the madness of National Novel Writing Month is almost upon me. I have only two days of sanity and freedom left before November first. Back in February I pledged to blog every Monday for a year. Some of my entries have been a bit […]

New Blog – In progress

Not a great amount to blog this week. The Lucky Cat earrings aren’t yet finished.   That’s them residing inside one of my jewellery finding drawers. I’ve capped them with little silver beads and am considering adding a clear crystal on top before I attach them to the ear hooks. Knittingwise I’ve got a few […]