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All Quiet on the Crafting Front…

Quite literally in fact because I’ve lost my voice. Occasionally I have a bit of a raspy whisper but that’s about it. Plus I’m trying to avoid speaking so that it can heal. I’m taking throat lozenges and lots of hot drinks to help it along too. This all stemmed from a nasty sore throat […]

Not Much of a Making Monday…

…because I spent most of last week cleaning and tidying the house. I finally began the coordinating colour waistband on Saturday night but I had to rip it all out today because I’d made a mistake while reading the pattern.  I’m still not completely sure if I’ve got the first few rows right but we […]

10th Blogiversary and Competition!

I can barely believe it but this blog is ten years old! Ten years ago I was obsessed with knitting. It was a relatively new obsession for me as I’d only picked up my first knitting magazine, the Fall 2002 issue of Interweave Knits, a few months earlier. I couldn’t believe my luck when I […]