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Derby Mini Maker Faire

Sunday, Doug and I decided to go to the Mini Maker Faire in Derby. It was held in the Derby Silk Mill which was built on the site of the world’s first factory.

There was some stunning yarn bombing outside the Silk Mill.

Yarn bombing


It was so pretty! It was such a shame that it was pouring with rain and it was a bit soggy

Beautiful Lady Bird yarn bombing


Some of the other things that caught my eye inside –

Stag Beetle Violin Case by Jake How


crochet set in glass by Anna Krystyna Casey

I loved this cardboard box robot

I especially liked his eyes. Would love to make one sometime.

There was also a Dalek patroling the Faire



he had a human to help steer him around the mill. Perhaps it was a roboman? ūüėČ


Blurry shot of big Scaletrix track by Derby H:O Racing Club

I also had a chat with the creator of a site called Pics to Knits – wish I’d got his name since it’s not on his site. But Pics to Knits is a free website that allows you to upload any image and turn it into a knitting pattern for dk or 4 ply yarns. Basically you upload an image file and it removes some of the details to make it easier to knit. You can set it to 4 colours up to 32 colours and get a pdf of the final stocking stitch pattern. Check it out, it’s a great idea and very generous of them to make it available free of charge.

Really enjoyed the Maker Faire and hope to go to another soon. I particularly love the message that it doesn’t matter what methods we use to create, be it a soldering iron or a crochet hook, we’re all makers.

Thanks for the lovely messages following my shingles attack. I’m now on the mend and feeling a lot better although I’m still taking pain killers.

Project wise I’ve finished off Edinburgh Rock, although have yet to photograph it, and have yet another Leethal knit on the needles, Wild is the Wind, in addtion to her Twitter Mystery pattern plus Woolley Wormhead’s Meret, too. Lots of smaller projects because I seem to have more luck with them than larger ones at the moment.

I’ve not knit any socks for a while but there’s a new online kniting magazine called The Sock Report dedicated to all things sock yarn related. I haven’t looked through the whole mag yet but so far I love Chris deLongpre’s Pocket Pals – cute woodland creatures knit from sock yarn. Fans of Rachael Herron’s Cypress Hollow novels should definately check it out because Rachel’s put up a free short story there called Socks for Alex.

Not much of a Making Monday…

A short post this week because the shoulder pain I wrote about last time was the beginnings of shingles.¬† I’ve never had this before and assumed only older people suffered from it. Not true!¬† I’m dosed up on anti virals and two different painkillers but it’s not helping the pain a great deal. Shingles can’t be cured it just has to run its course. I hope that happens quickly!

So not much done but a little on Edinburgh Rock

Main body of Edinburgh Rock


Making Monday – Finishing

I’ll admit it, this is a bit of a rushed blog. I’m particularly dissatisfied with the photos which are far darker than I would have liked because they’ve not long been taken.

I’d hoped to space things out a bit more but I’ve been feeling pretty miserable with a chest infection for nearly a week. I’m asthmatic so they tend to hit me hard.¬† I realised that something was wrong during my pilates class last week, as I was getting out of breath a lot. By Thursday it felt as though something was pressing down on my chest. That pressure feeling has only just gone. Thank god for antibiotics.

Although I was feeling rubbish I did get some more rows done on She’s Electric.

Too dark photo of She's Electric progress

On Saturday night I sewed in the ends of my Cosmic Pluto Top Down Raglan. Here it is blocking on towels.

Another not perfect image of my top down raglan blocking

It’s not quite that bright in real life. This is, though –

Amaryllis in full bloom

I’m a bit of a sucker for amaryllis and have had several of them over the years. Getting them to bloom isn’t an issue but remembering to store them properly afterwards, is. I’ll see if I change that with this one.

And I have a final piece of hip news – I had my follow up appointment at the hospital today where I was told that I didn’t have an impingement at all and wouldn’t be needing any surgery.

Of course, this is brilliant news but I can’t help but be quite angry for the time I lost worrying over a surgery that I never needed to have. Several months have been lost and my muscles became weak and I’m still in the process of building them back. I will never get that time back. It’s an anger that can’t go anywhere. People make mistakes and what if there had been something wrong and it had been missed? That would have been worse. But I have gone through a very emotionally wrought time and I need to process it all.

Post Card from the Edge…

Wish you were here?

This is where I am at the moment, in the midst of the madness that is National Novel Writing Month. The word widgets aren’t ready yet so I can’t put up a count of my words just yet but yesterday I got up to the 11k word mark. Today the words just aren’t coming so it’s time to have a break for a bit!

In hippety hip news on Friday I had an MRI scan along with an arthrogram – basically they injected a dye into my hip joint before the mri. Not the greatest experience but at least it’s done and dusted now. Not sure when I’ll get the results but should be within six weeks. I hope.

There’s also been some knitting going on as well as some reading ūüôā But more on that in a later post I think. Now, I must eat something!


I can’t just buy flowers…

…and put them straight into a vase. I have to check first to see if I can take any cuttings from them.


Wish I'd grown these!


So from this bunch of chrysanthemums I also have a glass full of little cuttings that should root

Chrysanthemum cuttings

Plus this

Chrysanthemum heads

Although some of the flower heads had popped off I couldn’t bring myself to just throw them away


In hip news I’m still in limbo really. Still waiting to hear when I have appointments¬†with the hospital. I’ve also had some blood tests done since I seem to be bruising a lot since taking the anti inflammatories. Will get the results of those next week.

Hips don’t lie…

Or how I came to find out that both of my hips will have to be replaced.


Ever get a dull pain and try and ignore it, thinking that it’ll go away even though it’s been there for months? Yeah, it’s never a good thing to do that.

Thinking back I’ve had problems with my hips for years but I always put it down to being unfit, not being limber enough, not taking fish oil supplements etc. Then in January I decided I’d start going to pilates classes thinking that would help things overall. I ended up over doing it and pulled a muscle in my left hip. One day I noticed that that it was painful to walk up stairs. I figured it would go away in time. Next my hip began to hurt when I climbed into bed at night and when I woke up in the morning it would be incredibly painful. Sometimes it hurt if I’d been sitting in a certain position. Still I did nothing. I wasn’t even trying to take painkillers. I finally went to the doctor when it began to hurt to walk.

I was prescribed anti inflammatories and told that if the pain continued I’d need to have an x ray. The medication helped a little but nothing changed. I began taking the lifts at work to avoid walking upstairs. Of course I went back to the drs who gave me¬†anti inflammatory gel to rub in this time, I’d been concerned about the reams of side effects of the other tablets I’d taken, and an appointment for an x ray was booked. This time the doctor was convinced that I’d need physiotherapy for the muscle if nothing wrong was found with the bone . The next day I ran for a bus and it nearly killed me, the pain was excruciating. The gel didn’t help. ¬†I had the x rays and was convinced that I’d be¬†referred for¬†physiotherapy. Not once did it occur to me that there would be something else wrong.

So when I returned to the surgery on Friday to get the results of the x ray, I went into shock when the doctor told me that he had bad news for me. I had been born with coxa profunda and had an aceto femoral impingement. Basically there was a problem with the ¬†joints in my hips. There wasn’t enough room where the hips connect with my pelvis. I would need surgery now to try and ease the pain and also in ten years would also need to have both my hips replaced.

As you’d imagine, I had real problems taking all of this in, I had not expected to be told something like that. Well, who would?¬†At one point I said “shit” and then apologised to the doctor, who’s about the same age as me, for swearing. He wasn’t worried. He’s probably heard worse. It can’t be a picnic having to drop bombshells on people.

I tried to keep it together, reminded myself how strong I am. I am strong but crying in the pharmacy as I waited for ¬†the painkillers I’d been prescribed was a low point in my life. I have always had a fear of surgery and so far in my life I’ve managed not to need any. Now I will have to have several operations and there’s nothing I can do about it. It just is. And that’s the thing. I do just have to go with the flow, let things get sorted out, hope I won’t have to wait too long. How long will it all take? God knows, I certainly don’t.¬†I’ve been referred for¬†physiotherapy and also to the surgeons.¬†¬†Also I have to slow down, walking is ok but nothing strenuous like running, cycling, anything like that.

After the doctors I met my friend Hannah for lunch and her face changed from horrified to even more horrified and shocked as I told her my news. I couldn’t help laughing at that but I told her that I had to find humour where ever I could. I wondered if that was how I’d looked when the doctor told me the¬†diagnosis? I think I’d just looked shocked and on the verge of tears.

After Friday I am veering between being okish and terrified. On one level it’s still sinking in.¬†Sometimes I forget all about it and then suddenly remember. I’ve also been worrying about the fact that my mum is worried about me. Mostly I am just trying to get through the days. I was on leave last week and I’ve taken a few extra days to just try and used to this new phase of my life.

Part of writing this post is to help me process the whole thing. There is a cure for problem and although I may be in discomfort now, I won’t always be. My friend Jay had both his hips replaced when he was 38 and he’d never looked back. He’s told me that I’ll feel like a teenager afterwards. My fantastic partner, Doug, has been my rock. I have forgotten sometimes that it’s been a shock for him too, to hear that I have to go through this. While I’m recuperating from my operations Doug will stay at my house to look after me. That means a great deal to me. I am still concerned about my mum as she’s taken this very hard. I’ve tried to reassure her that there’s nothing she could have done to prevent this, it is¬†hereditary.

I will get through this and I’m lucky that I have the most incredible support from my other half, family and friends. And although I’ll have to go through some more pain afterwards my new hips will feel better, so much better than my old ones.