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The End of the One Year Blogging Challenge plus 11 years of SpaceCraft…

So, this time last year I pledged to blog every Monday for a year. Why? Well, because my blogging had pretty much dried up. The last few years had come and gone with only a few posts to show for them. So to herald the eleventh year of this blog – yes, that’s right eleven […]

Gardening Season…

We’ve had some great weather this past weekend so we’ve been busy in the garden. Nothing there to really photograph just yet as much of what’s been done is clearing, mowing and weeding and it’s not all sorted. I can raise nettles and brambles without trying ūüėČ I’ll be planting veg and flower seeds in […]

Making Monday – Finishing

I’ll admit it, this is a bit of a rushed blog. I’m particularly dissatisfied with the photos which are far darker than I would have liked because they’ve not long been taken. I’d hoped to space things out a bit more but I’ve been feeling pretty miserable with a chest infection for nearly a week. […]

I can’t just buy flowers…

…and put them straight into a vase. I have to check first to see if I can take any cuttings from them.     So from this bunch of chrysanthemums¬†I also have¬†a glass full of little cuttings that should root Plus this Although some of the flower heads had popped off I couldn’t bring myself […]


I bought a yellow climbing rose today. Hopefully it will climb the arbour. Before I tell you its name I will tell you my history with this rose – my grandmother used to grow it in her front garden or green as it’s called in some parts of Cardiff. When I was in primary school, […]

That Old Sew and Sew

Before I became more than a little obsessed with knitting, I used to sew. I made lots of things; trousers, tops, shirts, dresses etc. And at some point I became more interested in my knitting than my sewing. I haven’t sewn more than one thing a year in probably at least five years. In fact, […]

Knitting & Daffodils

It’s St David’s Day today so here’s an obligatory shot of some daffs I have in a vase and some more They are the national flower of Wales but they’re also one of my faves. I particularly love the cute little Narcissus ones and always have a few pots of them. This year I have […]

Belated 9th Blogiversary or Late, Late and an Update…

I’m behind in blog entries, no surprise there and sadly not a surprise that I’m again blogging when ill. Really must get into the habit of blogging when I’m well. The short of it is that I have a chest infection which has effected my asthma. As a result I’m really tired and have low […]