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June, 2004:


Introducing the new stash!


7 balls of Phil Ruban cotton tape by Phildar, one ball of Anny Blatt Kanpur Noir (100% silk), Anny Blatt Victoria ribbon in Noir and Pourpre and Bouton d’Or Flash in Gloxinia. And just peeping out out of the corner


A DK weight cotton from La Droguerie

When I came home I found this waiting for me


My yarn order from Lynn H! Cushy ColorSox in “Be My Valentine” and Cushy ColorSport in “In The Garden”

and this!


The Fabulous Heftones
! Thanks Lynn!

And my holiday knitting?


Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton Fantasy in 802. Most of that was knitted after I came home though!

Andy went to the supermarket today and Bonne Marie would be pleased to know what he brought home!



…and tired!

My moblogging wasn’t very successful since I didn’t manage to get the mobile post shown until I came home! So the last post was actually written yesterday.

I’m very tired and have to get some things done before I can rest. The case isn’t packed yet so I don’t know what condition my massive shopping spree at L’Occitane will be in – I love their stuff and it’s about a third cheaper in France. A perfume I wear which cost me £40 in the UK was only 40 euros in Paris! Plus there’s the yarn and things like a wind-up crawling Spider-Man to unpack!

Hopefully I’ll have some pics to post later including views of the city from Montmartre, the highest hill in Paris.


This is my first attempt at moblogging with TypePad. I hope it works!

Our trip to Paris has been good overall but not without disappointment. I was really looking forward to meeting up with Becky in Lyon on Friday but on Friday I felt quite ill. I’d been feeling a bit sick since I left Cardiff and on Friday it was very bad and I had to cancel the trip to Lyon. I think it was a recurrance of my ongoing stomach problems, I’m feeling a bit better now but it did mean that we weren’t able to as much as we’d hoped to.

The weather has been very warm, exhaustingly so. Managed to visit yarn section of le Bon Marche and la droguerie. (go to and click on Shopping Guides for addresses). Bought enough yarn for two cotton tops plus ribbon for some scarves (pics when I get back).

Also went to the musee de la mode et du textile and saw the Elsa Schiaparelli exhibition. It was amazing! Even Andy enjoyed it! Schiaparelli’s first collection consisted of knitwear. Sweaters with faux collars knitted into the design. One of these is the bow tie sweater that some bloggers have been knitting. It was in a recent edition of Vogue Knitting – I’m not sure if it’s the exact pattern or one inspired by Schiaparelli.

She did have some strange ideas about fashion though and thought that a woman should not try and fit her dress to her body but fit her body to her dress!

Today we went to Pere Lachaise and looked at the final resting places of some of the rich and famous. Oscar Wilde’s tomb was covered with kisses from visitors. Atop the tomb was a stone griffin type animal. According to our guidebook the animal used to have a penis but a caretaker had thought it indecent. So he broke it off and, bizarrely, used it as a paperweight!

Couldn’t find the graves of Gertrude Stein and Alice B Toklas but we did see those of Jim Morrison, complete with security guard, Edith Piaf and Collette.

We leave early tomorrow morning. Apparently it’s been very wet in Cardiff so at least I don’t have to worry about watering the garden. It will be good to see our cats again too. Haven’t seen many Parisian cats aside from one ginger that belonged to a homeless man and was curled up next to a dog in a basket and a tabby mother cat and her two little black kittens in Pere Lachaise.

Off to Paris!

Well I’m about to go to sleep now in preparation for getting up at 4am for our flight to Paris. I’m really looking forward to it especially the trip to Lyon to meet up with Becky! Always good to go yarn shopping with someone else who likes yarn rather than having Andy reading the paper in the corner as usually happens! 🙂

So, I think I have everything sorted but we’ll see. I’ll be taking Watchmen with me for reading during the short plane ride. I bought it last week and it’s just as much a classic as everyone says!

Knitting projects – I’m taking this StitchDiva Poncho and a summer sock project. I hope to have the poncho in time to wear during what remains of the summer. Hopefully the rain that has suddenly come upon us in the UK – ah well at least I don’t have to water the garden – will clear up for a bit of sun again.


Thanks for all the birthday wishes and for the kind comments about Freda.


This is the new Selfridges store in Birmingham.

Last week I spent a lovely birthday first of all at Gardener’s World Live where I bought lots of plants including some nice organic herbs, followed by a trip into Birmingham. Andy used to work there and thought that it had changed a great deal in fifteen years.

Some of the herbs have now been planted in the garden but the others will have to wait a little while. Our cherry tree has grown fruit for the first time since we moved here nearly nine years ago. We’ve had a problem with ants farming aphids on the tree. I don’t like to use chemicals in the garden and over the years haven’t really got around to sorting it out. But this year something seems to have changed because the tree had a good amount of fruit. I picked some from the lower branches on the weekend and Andy picked the rest yesterday. So, tonight I’m making cherry pie. With luck it’ll be damn fine cherry pie! But we’ll have to see!

I’m now on leave from work until next Tuesday. Tomorrow it’s Freda’s funeral so we’re travelling up to West Wales for that. Then on Thursday we catch an early plane to Paris. We’re staying there for four days and I hope to meet up with Becky one afternoon in Lyon while we’re there!

So, it’s been a busy week and there’s still much to do. I have to sort out my packing and mail off a knitted birthday present that’s a bit late. It’s a pair of socks knitted in Lorna’s Laces Sport in Grays Corner for my friend Anne who lives in London. She doesn’t read this blog so there’s no danger of spoiling the surprise!

I made the cherry pie and it was a sucess. Had fun using my cherry stoner – first time I’d used it since I bought it about eight years ago. I found a recipe for a Cherry Macaroon Pie. I’ll link to it when I find the recipe again but basically it’s topped with a mixture of coconut, egg and almonds. It was gorgeous and looked very nice too. Mmmmm I’ll have to make one again. Good job that there’s half a pie left in the fridge! 🙂

It's been a long time…

But yes, I’m still here! I’ve just been very busy with work.

Also tomorrow is my 32th birthday. Andy is taking me to Gardener’s World Live as a birthday treat! It’s not his type of thing at all so I appreciate his sacrifice. There will be many plant stalls and things to see but I’ll try not to make the experience too boring for him.

On a sad note, Andy’s gran Freda passed away today. She was a lovely lady and also enjoyed her garden. She used to be very independent but had a stroke a few years ago. Everything changed and she gradually became worse and stopped recognising people. It was a great shame, I will miss her. Andy has told me so many stories about going to Haverfordwest in the summer to visit his grandparents shop when he was a kid, and tales of their Corgis – especially Queenie who used to tell his Gran when Coronation street was on! – that I feel as though I had been there too.

Please raise a glass to Freda.