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June 15th, 2004:

It's been a long time…

But yes, I’m still here! I’ve just been very busy with work.

Also tomorrow is my 32th birthday. Andy is taking me to Gardener’s World Live as a birthday treat! It’s not his type of thing at all so I appreciate his sacrifice. There will be many plant stalls and things to see but I’ll try not to make the experience too boring for him.

On a sad note, Andy’s gran Freda passed away today. She was a lovely lady and also enjoyed her garden. She used to be very independent but had a stroke a few years ago. Everything changed and she gradually became worse and stopped recognising people. It was a great shame, I will miss her. Andy has told me so many stories about going to Haverfordwest in the summer to visit his grandparents shop when he was a kid, and tales of their Corgis – especially Queenie who used to tell his Gran when Coronation street was on! – that I feel as though I had been there too.

Please raise a glass to Freda.