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February 28th, 2005:

Sick as a Dog…

Or least as sick as a very sick dog. That’s how I’ve been feeling today. So no pictures of Spanish yarn just yet. My feeling yucky also means that I’m behind on email including getting back to some lovely people who have agreed to be KnitCast interviewees. One has even offered to be a special correspondent from TNNA!

I’ve gone a little work done on the second Klaralund sleeve. I’m now on the extended garter stitch part. I’ve also started a top-down raglan cardi from the very first yarn I ever bought – Wendy Strata. It’s a "super chunky" acrylic/wool mix in purples. My very first project from it was a scarf that started out narrow and became increasingly wider. That wasn’t a planned design element just a problem with gaining stitches! 🙂

I’ve only knit a couple of inches of the cardi so far since I want to get Klara finished as quickly as possible. I’m certainly a project knitter rather than process knitter! 🙂 After Klara I’m planning to recycle the yarn from my first, and rather ill-fated since I made it too small, sweater. It’s made from Colinette Graffiti so there’s the incentive already!