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March, 2005:


I’d already posted this to the Knitcast blog but forgot to post it to this one as well. The Mousemat interview went out today at 4pm GMT not last Wednesday. Mousemat is repeated on a Wednesday which is why I got the date wrong. So, you can listen to the programme online until next Sunday, at 4pm GMT. The link is in the previous post.

Andy was off sick for a few days this week with a lurgy that he’s since passed on to me. Cheers Honey! 🙂 He’s feeling a little bit better and will be in work tomorrow.

I’ve been tidying this week as our new sofa (couch) arrived on Friday. To fit it in the living room I had to clear a space in my study for our little cane sofa. We now have our old two seater sofa and the new three seater sofa in the living room. I had to move the tv and a small bookcase around since we’ll be sitting on the large sofa now.

I’m still quite surprised with how many recycling bags I’ve managed to fill with old magazines, newspapers and shredded papers. We have a local recycling scheme where you pay for green bags which are the size of bin (garbage) bags and the council pick them up every two weeks. I’ve filled about six so far and still have more paper to go in them.

While I’ve been tidying I’ve been listening to podcast on my new ipod speakers. The speakers have very good sound and look very cool as well.

My favourite podcasts include

Geek Fu Action Grip presented by Mur Lafferty. Mur writes these wonderful observational pieces with a sci-fi/comic related slant. She can also be heard on The Dragon Page.

Collected Comics – a podcast about comics. Also includes DVD news. Very good so far.

The Comic Book Geeks – They’re still ironing out some technical issues but if you like comic books check them out. One of the presenters is also a big Dr Who fan.

Pop Goes the Culture – I do listen to non scifi podcasts and this is one that I really look forward to. Susie is a trends analyst and Barb is a political cartoonist. They have great discussions on pop culture and some of their topics include food, the cult of celebrity and news v entertainment.

Let’s give you one more before I get back to the real world and housework stuff.

G’day World – The first podcast I ever listened to. Mick and Cameron are two Australian podcasters – I have relatives living in Australia so maybe I’m a bit biased toward Aussies!) who have some very interesting interviewees and subjects. A lot of the time they talk about technology issues but the show is far more than that.

KnitCast News!!!

You’ve heard me interviewing others – now listen to me being
interviewed on BBC Radio! You’ll be able to hear my interview with Adam
Walton, presenter of BBC Radio Wales’ Mousemat programme at 6pm GMT tomorrow.

The show isn’t available as a podcast but you can listen anytime via the Radio Wales Player . Don’t worry if you can’t listen live as the programme is archived on the Radio Wales website for a week.

Be sure to check out the KnitCast blog as there’s another podcast to download.

Knitting – The knitting on Klaralund is probably 90% – 95% done. I just need to sit down and finish it. That’s when I have the time of course! So I have a nice little sock on the go. I started it yesterday while waiting at the dentist. I now have a temporary crown and go back in two week’s time to have the real deal fitted! 🙁

Busy, Busy, Busy

I need one of those special hourglass pendants that allow you turn back time  as seen in Harry Potter. Or better yet a Tardis! In addition to being a time machine, it’s bigger on the inside than the outside so plenty of room for all my yarn! 🙂

KnitCast has kept me far more busy than I’d ever expected!I’m lining up some very interesting interviews! So keep checking out the KnitCast blog.

Here’s the Noro Fuji that my Secret Pal sent me!


And the bracelet that I made from some of my new beads!


A bit mad, and not particularly complicated, but I love it! I’ve made earrings to match but the coordinating necklace isn’t finished yet.


New Stuff and New KnitCast!

Thanks for the comments and emails about my health. I was off work for most of last week as the Madrid bug held on. I’m now feeling a lot better!

Before we go any further, the  newest edition of KnitCast, my podcast about knitting is online! This time I meet scientist and knitting designer Stefanie Japel.

Some great things happened yesterday. Firstly we went to London for the day and saw the divine Patrick Stewart on stage in A Life in the Theatre. It was great and both he and co-star Joshua Jackson were excellent.  Andy fell asleep during the performance (!) but he was tired after shopping for CDs…:-)

While we were in London I went to the London Bead Shop and bought some beautiful beads. Some glass ladybirds (ladybugs) and red and black tubular beads for a bracelet. I also plan to make earrings and a necklace or pendant to match. They also had the most fantastic, detailed glass animal beads. I bought a large turtle bead for a pendant and two smaller ones for earrings. They were expensive, about £5 for the large bead and £3.75 each for the smaller ones.

I didn’t go to John Lewis as I’m attempting to cut back on my yarn purchases, but I did visit Liberty. I bravely avoided buying yarn, although I did look at some CashAir, because I was there to buy fabric. I bought 1.5 metres of a cotton print which will be made into a top.

When we got home I discovered a parcel from my Secret Pal 4! Inside were four skeins of Noro Fuji in shade 106! Thanks Secret Pal! I think I may make some sort of wrap or capelet for summer from them.

Other news – I’ve asked to go part-time at work. I currently work five days and want to work four instead. It’ll mean less money of course, but I want to spend more time on my fibrey things and have a bit more time for KnitCast. I don’t know when my hours will go down, might not happen for a couple of months at least, but I’m really looking forward to it!

I’ll update this post with photos later!