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February 17th, 2006:


Well it’s nearly the end of a very hard week. Been very busy with work and the podcast has taken almost all of my free time.

Last week’s KnitCast went online at about 1am and this week I was up past 2am. The main culprit was a problem with my editing software, Nero Wave Editor, which meant that I couldn’t save the wav file unless I renamed it. If I didn’t keep renaming the file it would crash and I’d lose all my edits. After the third time this had happened on Sunday I was really pissed off so just left it. Then there was another battle on Wednesday…sigh….

But it’s all done except for adding links to the various software, websites etc. mentioned in the show. And you can hear me talking about KnitCast and the Knitting Olympics on the BBC Radio Wales programme MouseMat this coming Sunday – 19th February at 5pm. The show is also streamed over the net using Real Player but the programme is only available to listen to for a week.

And speaking of Olympic Knitting I haven’t been able to get much of it done but it’s the taking part that counts after all.

If you’re waiting for an email from me it may be a while since I am now intending to take some serious Me time. 🙂

Oh and before I forget – after fourteen years of being blonde I’ve become a redhead! I’ve wanted to dye my hair red for about five years but had never gotten around to doing it. So this year I decided it was time to take the plunge. And I’m really pleased with it! Of course it will fade a bit because of the bleach that was used in the highlights I used to have. But at the moment it looks gorgeous and Andy likes it too! 🙂