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May, 2006:

No, I've not fallen off the edge of the world

But I have been busy working on my radio feature, knitting, fighting email problems – if you’ve emailed me during April I probably haven’t recieved it, and occasionally – like today – been sick with the ongoing stomach thing.

When I put it all out there like that it reads, to me anyway, like a list of excuses. But there we are. So as a result KnitCast has been delayed to the point where part of the Toronto special is actually out of date. But it’s edited so it’s going to be posted. In the next thirty minutes in fact!

Knitting wise I’m on a sock journey again. I love socks, they’re so easy to knit and small and portable. Plus they confuse non-knitters when you begin them. All of mine are knit from the toe up so people tend to wonder if I’m knitting a very small baby hat (I take a size four shoe, so I guess they mean a REALLY small baby). At the moment I’m knitting purple, lime, red and pink striped socks. I forget the shade but it’s sock yarn by the German company Online. I’m well into the cuff of the first sock so hopefully they’ll be finished soon. I’m trying to resist the pull of the other sock yarns in the sitting room. And come to mention it resist the pull of the various other things I could be kntting.

No, at this time socks are about all I can handle. I have to go to the doctor soon to see about my stomach. Still no news on when I’ll get an appointment at the hospital for it to be checked out. So for the time being I guess I’ll just continue to have days when I just can’t function normally.