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June, 2006:

Another Year, Another Year Older…….

Yes last Friday, the 16th, I reached the grand old age of 34. That will seem old to some of you and young to others. Myself I just feel old!

My present to me was a shiney new iMac with a dual processor. I am such a Mac convert now, just love them. I still have my lovely iBook and am very fond of it. This summer I’ll see just how far my wireless network stretches by taking the iBook into the garden. I also had a pedicure for the first time ever and my god, my feet feel reborn! Which is just as well as I’ve recently become a big fan of wedge heeled shoes.

I’m also on a bit of a yarn diet. In fact I haven’t bought any yarn since Toronto. Basically when you have a room full of yarn, and I mean full, and other rooms with yarn on coffee tables, bursting out of baskets, you do start to think after a while "I don’t really need any more yarn for a while, not really". And so, no more new yarn. Well except for a birthday present from my friend Mel who’s just come back from living in Japan for two years. The present yarn is from London though and features Sirdair Fizz and an interesting novelty yarn from Wendy. I’ll combine the two I think since they seem to co ordinate with each other, into a fringed scarf.

Knitting – well I’m on the second sock of a pair in KnitPicks’ Sock Garden in Geranium. It’s a lovely yarn but is handwash. So I’ll have to be careful with them when they’re finished.

Healthwise I’m feeling really good. I saw my doctor a few weeks ago and was prescribed some slow release peppermint oil capsules and they’ve made a huge difference. I still need to see a consultant at the hospital though and am still waiting for an appointment to see one.

Emailwise I’m still a terrible friend, hangs head in shame. I’ve still  got a massive email backlog to get through. I even have a certain person’s easter egg still in my larder, waiting to be posted to them!

We’re off to London on Sunday for a gig so I don’t know how much I’ll get done. Still wondering what knitting project to take. Probably another sock since I have so much sock yarn! But I’m also tempted to perhaps try and finish one of my endless topdown cardigans. I’ve lost count how many of those I have on the needles!